Thursday, August 5, 2010

why cosmetics companies still want tall women discussed

A girl on facebook recently asked me, "I would like to know why cosmetics companies still want tall women to model their makeup??? you may know that"

My reply might inspire your own beauty modeling pursuits.

Hi hun, Some beauty brands still want to have the “image” of high fashion. Often the brand will use a fashion model/ taller model, even though it is just of her face so the brand feels like it is having that appeal on the consumer. Sometimes the same model will be used in a high fashion clothing campaign as a beauty campaign as well. I know it is annoying for a shorter girl to hear. However, not all beauty companies ONLY use tall models; look at drug store brands such as Styli-Style, Wet n Wild, NYC Cosmetics, which have used models of different sizes and ethnicities for their in-store campaigns and promo material. A striving beauty model should have a beauty shot on her comp card. I think all shorter girls should. You should submit your comp card by postal mail to commercial print agencies, talent agencies and strive to work with agencies that work with models of all sizes. Research and spend time finding the “right” agencies. Also consider getting some experience with some aspiring and growing beauty brands that show at tradeshows around the country. You could email the brands your comp card or mail it to their marketing department, a smaller, growing, aspiring beauty company might be more inclined to work with an aspiring model. Again having beauty shots, close-ups, natural and with some makeup is best to show. Consider these tradeshows and the brands that attend them: might need models. You could also look into hair modeling, however be prepared your hair will change and this could affect the photos you already have created for a compcard. I suggest the Bumble and Bumble model project here:

Currently DEX Cosmetics is casting for older models 35-55!/video/video.php?v=418748393471&ref=mf

more on beauty modeling here.

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