Friday, August 20, 2010

Stopped by Alisha Trimble Blanche DuMois Lingerie today in SoHo

This afternoon I met with Alisha Trimble, the designer of Blanche DuMois Lingerie, instead of a formal runway show the models were in an alley wall space beside a boutique on Mulberry Street, just chilling, hanging out, in delicate, flirty pieces of the Blanche DuMois Lingerie collection. It was cool because I got to get closer to the collection this way and see the details and get some in-the-moment-model shots.
Alisha told me the collection was inspired by the work of Tennessee Williams and that one of his books was sitting around the models.

I asked her how she casts her models, she said she looks for more than beauty; she looks for intelligence and the uniqueness in the models.

All of the girls had different looks, a few flaunted their tattoos and the models were different ethnicities as well, which I liked to see. Of course when I introduced my self and told them about my blog and advocating for girls of all sizes (an especially pint-size girls) I asked the models, “Which one of you is the shortest?!”
And this one said she was probably the shortest one. Another girl admitted to being 5’7”1/2.

It was cute.

I like the little shorts that had garters. Sexy!

Also the bows and cutness entwined into the sexy lines of Alisha’s designs were eye catching in a sincere and sensual way that would make a girl feel alluring and beautiful. ~Isobella

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