Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Shorter models getting opportunities

Shorter girls should be focusing on print modeling, opportunities are found in print modeling and the chance your take on yourself to do the work. Wanting to do something is not doing it...DOING IT involves work, research, time and self investment,...so to find print modeling agencies and agencies that work with models of all sizes google: print modeling agencies + your city. Talent agencies + your city. Google the agency + the word scam, ...and make sure the agency is not a scam. Then follow the submission instructions on the agencies website. No matter what you need a comp card,--mailing your comp card to agencies is best, and you come off more professional and ready to work.... don't get stuck in just the Internet-age because you can be left with nothing. Get your proper model marketing tools! Another resource I suggest is The Call Sheet, found in bookstores in the magazine section under TV and Film magazines, it is about 10 bucks. Agents, agencies, talent agencies to submit your comp card too by postal mail. Get some stamps! get some envelopes, yes it is the Internet-age but I feel the Internet-age for modeling ='s more scams. Be careful. Aim higher. Want more for your self. Do the work and research. Print agencies do not hand you a contract and make your career, YOU DO. So get the materials you need, think about what would make you a good model, why would the client hire you for a job. The answer should be about your assets...notice what you have that is marketable. AND be prepared for MAD work, and a MAD LONG Journey. The over night process is not the path of a shorter model. ~ Isobella

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