Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Short girls can be more than glamour models

I recently received a comment that asked if glamour modeling is bad and it included,   I did lots of research through google on types of modeling and since I have more of a curvier body with a big bust I thought glamour modeling would best for me. What do you say? Thanks.

I remember when I was at the start of my modeling pursuits and I let some jerk tell me that all I could do was glamour modeling and porn, because I was short.  Screw that! (btw, I wrote about all these moments in my memoir Almost 5'4"-check it out if you haven't.)

Although I was short, I grabbed my bootstraps and although it was tough, I wanted more for myself, I wanted to model for "real brands" and "real magazines" and work with "real agencies" and "really model."   So I started noticing my assets and how they could translate into working with brands and magazines and agencies. I studied the type of photos I really needed, and focused on my goals.

In my opinion and through my experience glamour modeling means: tease, producing photos that only a male would find appealing and is more about showing off than actually modeling. Models model "for something" a product, a brand, a magazine. It is very rare that a girl will go from glamour modeling to building a long term career out of it. 

Modeling bathingsuits and lingerie could be considered glamour modeling but not always. I mean lingerie and under garments and bathingsuits have a range of styles from more sexy styles to Hanes. And also many lingerie brands have a more sincere, softer look, like Clo lingerie here. That lingerie company shares their collection in a sexy but soft,  alluring way. So you could still use your body to model, but do it in a way that has more purpose and meaning.

Glamour modeling to me, sounds like trash.

I think the main question to ask yourself when it comes to your pursuits is: Does this type of modeling and does this photo, and how I am representing myself in my photography-equal to my bigger goals?

I think you should think of your modeling goals. Get your mind thinking about goals for your modeling pursuits.

If you want to work with modeling agencies and you are short, then it is a print modeling agency, and print agencies don't care for Glamour photography, they want to real you, not the overkill hair, makeup, pout, and overkill seduction smirk.  Glamour modeling these days can even imply soft porn. I am serious.

So think of your goals!

If you want to be in women's lifestyle magazines like Glamour, Allure, Marie Claire, and model for brands and products etc, then I'd say skip the glamour crap.

Glamour modeling is really just putting on a show, a tease, and the cakey makeup does not sell to those types of magazines.
Glamour modeling is not typically for a commercial print market.
Glamour modeling implies that your audience will be one sided, it will be a male.
I do not encourage Glamour modeling of this sort.

There are other ways to use assets, and I know that despite your height that you have assets to market, your smile, your personality, your upbeat appeal can get you a modeling job with a brand quicker than an a glamour shot. Start thinking of commercial print modeling photos....also I know (from experience working as a parts model, you can find better ways to your body as well. 

Think about your goals and the type of modeling jobs you  want to get before you get infront of the camera, think about the brands you'd like to model for, and can realistically could model for, learn about print modeling, and learn about how to prepare for your goals. (There is of course a lot of advice on that on this blog, just search in the upper left corner, print modeling, create a comp card, print modeling photos, print modeling agencies, etc.

You might have a curvy body, big bust, but that doesn't mean that is all you have to offer as a model. What about your smile, what about modeling a product?  Create shots that show you modeling jewelry, accessories, create beauty shots, and shots that have a commercial print modeling feel which bring out your natural look. Focus on targeting your "print modeling photos" to commercial print modeling agencies. Unless you are modeling for a product, catalog, and a purpose beyond "showing off" I think glamour modeling is really just for the male sex to look at, and a model that is curvy can be more than a tease. Glamour modeling implies: tease, and I think editorial modeling, or photo shoots that involve the body but have a more soft appeal is better than glamour modeling. I'd look at Allure, Glamour, Nylon, Marie Claire, there is a lot more out there than glamour modeling. Don't feel limited. Don't forget you can use your smile, and other assets to model. Focus on your assets as a model who can model for brands and products for advertising campaigns and bring your personality forward. Being curvy and having a bust doesn't mean you should pursue glamour modeling, which I think is not something that leads to legit work. Brands and magazines don't usually hire a glamour model. It is a very limited area to only focus on. And also it is not typically taken seriously by legit agents and agencies. I'd strive for more and aim higher for your self :)

I have a great body, a great ass, nice skin, and I do use my body has a model, but I'm not targeting myself to just be a man's tease for the next 15 minutes,  ~Isobella

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