Thursday, August 12, 2010

Petite of the Week is Ivy!


Meet Ivy, she is Petite Model of the Week, here is what Ivy's says about being petite and makin strides in modeling.

“I feel as a petite model, you have to be persistent to the point where you become borderline crazy. You’re going to see 5’9” plus on every other casting, which sucks but that’s life. I just apply to almost every casting in the Florida and Georgia area that doesn’t have nudity or a height requirement. But when I get a job or gig, it means that much more because I had to try harder to get it than the average model . I have been featured in Jet Magazine, The Source, and I also recently shot a billboard for Aspire Online Magazine. But there are so many times I almost quit modeling, but my friends and family are so supportive of me. They encouraged me to keep going. I have been the underdog my whole life, not just in modeling but in every aspect of life so I’m used to it."

Ivy rocks some beautiful handbags and accessories on her website:
Ivy's website
Ivy's Twitter

(Often I feature aspiring shorter models who are making strides despite their height. If you'd like to be Petite of the Week emails me at:, and submit a headshot, a few sentences on how you are making strides in modeling.)

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