Monday, August 9, 2010

Oklahoma modeling and talent agencies for ALL SIZES

Here are some agencies in Oklahoma.

A girl on facebook askedm e about the lack of Oklahoma modeling agencies and I went to research it.
Keep in mind you don't need training to model but you do need personality! Practice helps, and knowing how to work with products and natural model them as if you own them if best." ~Isobella Jade

I always think the smaller cities and less populated cities are the WORST for finding professionalism sometimes and scams lurk because there not as many options. So be careful girl. :)

Here are tips on how to avoid a modeling agency scam and how to model without an agency:

Here are some agencies in Oklahoma. This was tough to do for Oklahoma, many of the agencies seem very fishy. Modeling agencies in smaller towns and cities, tend to ask you to sign up for modeling classes and pay for a lot of things YOU DO NOT NEED to pay for. So just be aware of that and scams.

I think models need to learn to have the attitude to manage themselves and not think that an agency will do everything for them. The second you rely on that a scam comes.

Well, with that in mind, I did a Google search and found just these few agencies that had a legit feeling to them. I have not worked with these agencies so always do your homework ahead of time.

Oklahoma City:




I wrote to an Ad agency in Oklahoma writing this:
I write a blog about the ins and outs of working as a model and often girls contact me with questions, recently on Facebook a girl asked me about modeling agencies in Oklahoma and after doing some research I find that there is really nothing at all that looks professional, from what I can tell from a Google search. Since your Ad agency is very savvy, I am wondering, how would you cast your models and actors, and do you work with agencies in your area. Because Oklahoma seems to have a pretty weak looking modeling and acting industry, based on what I see online. If there is an agency you work with and trust that has professional models an actors, please let me know so I can share the agency with my readership that is curious about Oklahoma modeling and acting. Thank you so much, ~ Isobella

This was the reply:


You are right, there are not a lot of options here in the middle of the mid-west for modeling. BUT, there are a lot of design and ad agencies. Where do we get our talent?

Well, in Tulsa, there's a modeling agency, I believe it's called Linda Lehman? or Lynda Lehman, and they are mostly known for model-models, so I don't use them a lot, because I typically need actor-models.

For actor-models, here in OKC there is a great casting agent, Michelle Delong with ACTS Casting, and she works hand-in-hand with Magna Talent a talent agency... but she also pulls talent for me from Dallas (not sure which agency she uses there).

You can look up all these folks online.

Hope that was a help.

I am on the hunt for agencies in Oklahoma that are legit. No scams. Email me at if you have a suggestion. And if any of these agencies scammed you LET ME KNOW! Thanks.

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