Saturday, August 7, 2010

Oil spill meets Italian Vogue

Shine Yahoo's, Joanna Douglas, shared an interesting editorial from Italian Vogue recently.

The article shares how the Gulf's Oil Spill disaster inspired this dark, dreery and death-full editorial. It makes me think about the animals that died from the spill and the people whose lives depended on the Gulf's waters.

The model, Kristen McMenamy, looks like a washed up mermaid who got caught in oil and gunk, and is on the verge of death from her pores and lungs filled with oil and clogged with smudge.

Amazing photographer Steven Meisel shot the editorial.

I do think it is cool and controversial, and I have to admit- when tragedy meets fashion the awareness grows. I think when brands, magazines, campaigns, GO THERE, people notice. And I think the editorial is creative in a disgusting and heart wrenching way that makes me never want to get my driver’s license so I don't have to pump oil and wonder where it came from and who or what poor soul sacrificed or died for it, so that I could get where I need to go.

I'd rather walk for the time being.

I will be buying this issue.

Here is the link to her article.

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Choy said...

Its like an Environmental campaign... Great Stuff!