Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ohio modeling agencies and talent agencies for all sizes

Recently a girl on Facebook asked me about modeling agencies in Ohio. She was having trouble finding ones that work with all sizes.

These are some agencies I have found in Ohio that appear to work with all sizes.

http://www.talentgroup.com/ (cleveland and pittsburgh) -an established photographer in Ohio told me he likes this agency best when I emailed and asked him about agencies in Ohio to consider for this post.

http://www.dochertyagency.com/  Cleveland, ohio

http://www.heymantalent.com/  Cincinnati, Columbus, ohio

http://www.camtalent.com/CAM.htm   Cincinnati, Columbus, ohio

http://www.activeimagemodels.com/  Gahanna, ohio

I do not live in Ohio and have never worked with these agencies.

Also to find an agency  no matter where you live google:

Print modeling agencies + your city

commercial print modeling agencies + your city

talent agencies + your city.

Then ALWAYS put the agencies name in the google search + the word scam.

Becareful, and goodluck! ~ isobella

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