Thursday, August 26, 2010

models getting published work in magazines and tear sheets

I recently asked on my Facebook page: have you ever created a photo editorial story with a photographer that you wanted to publish but didn't?

Here are some tips on getting published work.

1. Create a plan before you shoot. look at magazines, get inspired, start to think of each shot as part of a story to tell.
2. I think shooting a story that makes you wonder, become curious about what's on the model's mind, what is her story, and having a styling element but really bringing out the 3-5 page story that is told though the mood of the shot, is the right direction.
3.  Also bring in elements of detail, focus on the theme of a story, jewelry, shoes, hair styling, cosmetics, which are easier to submit than fashion because accessories to not date as quickly.  A fashion story is only good for that season or a fall or summer or winter issue, but accessories, a jewelry story can be anytime of year.
4. Build your relationships with aspiring brands and designers in your area to use for your shoots.
5. strive to work with photographers who are ambitious to get their work published or have before.
6.  And strive to get contacts at the magazines. Art director, photo editor, managing editor. Submit a story publish ready. With a title, styling credits, etc and a story 3-5 pages. Shop it around. All cities also have local magazines.
7. Usually magazines work 2-3 months in advance. So by June/July they know what they will be publishing for the September/October issues already. Look for local print magazines and also online magazines as well to submit content to. Observe and learn and produce your own editorial stories.

Actually, I am in the process of collaborating with some of my photographer friends on a concept for creating a magazine that gives an outlet for the talented alternative aspiring and creative.

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