Thursday, August 19, 2010

Modeling and weight, modeling and comp cards, modeling and the runway

A girl on facebook recently wrote me about modeling weight, modeling and comp cards and modeling and the runway,......" I'm really considering modeling. Anyway, this maybe a dumb question but do you ever worry about your weight or get comments pertaining to your weight because you are shorter than the average model? What do you suggest to be done first, a comp card and photographs right? Then send to various agencies. So, would it ever be possible for a petite model to ever be on a runway. I mean I understand that there is always room for makeup or the jewelry but what about the runway, or is that reaching too high? Oh, sorry one more question, how do you take care of your skin? I know diet and exercise (swim team) but what products do you use? Thank-you so much."

My reply, I hope it inspires you own pursuits:
Hi hun, As a shorter girl I do give consideration to my weight, because being shorter means you can appear larger than you are in a photo if you do not pose your body properly to look longer. I think knowing your proportions and how they appear on camera is a good idea.

Here are some tips on how to look longer in photos also:

I think a comp card is best to focus on, a portfolio grows over time.

Here is insight on why you need a comp card.

There are some petite brands out there, and some boutique brands, small companies that have smaller sizes. There might be a fashion show in a smaller city that has petite sizes included but in major markets like, NYC, typically there are not fashion week shows that have involved on the runway petite's however, for local and aspiring brands they do need models and put on local shows and sometimes will consider a petite. So you could try to approach some aspiring designers, accessories designers that are local to where you live. When the designers start designing more for petite sizes, more petite models will be used on the runway. Until then it is not likely that a top brand to hire a petite to rock their catwalk. I did fashion shows however when I was starting off modeling for growing, aspiring brands at events in NYC however, and I am very tiny, but I wasn’t paid much and it was more for fun and experience. (I do write about this experience in my modeling memoir called Almost 5’4”)

When it comes to agencies I think it is best to focus on print modeling when it comes to agencies and getting legit work with brands it stems from the agencies clients. Print modeling agencies are more likely to work with a “real-life” model, or print model. Here is insight on what print modeling is.

And insight on the photos you need to create a comp card and mail print agencies:

For skin and diet.

For skin, I use a toner morning and night, and when I see the start of a blemish or zit I take care it right away. I don’t sleep in my makeup, let the pores breath. I also like a couple days of a week not to wear as much makeup, just a foundation or nothing at all on my whole face to let it be. I try to use products that have natural elements within them. Like LUSH products on my face and body.

I personally eat a lot of carbs, I need energy, but I also LOVE veggies, cheese, fruit, water and coffee. I try not to eat three big meals a day I try to eat three meals, but make one of them the main big meal and the others are smaller proportions. I think over-eating happens when something else in your life is hungry or needs attention, so try to stay stress free or have an outlet like a hobby or reading or something you like to each day to calm you and not leave to rely on food to always fill the void. Those would be my tips , I hope they help, ~isobella

If you like books on models check out check out my graphic novel "MODEL LIFE: The Journey of a Pint-Size Fashion Warrior," I wrote it for shorties and anyone striving for a dream. Also if you haven't read my modeling memoir "Almost 5'4",  it has a real fighting spirit message--it's on and Amazon course, both books share the day and the life of a shorter model and I think they will inspire you!

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