Wednesday, August 4, 2010

making it in modeling comes down to your desire and work ethic

A girl commented on an interview I did here on modeling as a shorter girl, she asked, "I’m 5’7 and 3/4 (almost 5’8) and weigh 110 pounds, can a girl (almost) 5’8, 110lb, 18 years old and with no experience have a chance in making it in this industry?"

My reply might help your own modeling pursuits:

YES, if you believe in yourself, know your assets, and can focus on marketing your assets to ther right agencies (print modeling agencies) with a comp card you can find opportunities, height isn't everything in modeling but you do have to be prepared with your proper professional model marketing materials. Comp card, portfolio. Then mail print agencies by postal mail your comp card. Fashion agencies typically want a girl 5'8" or 5'9" and taller so you could try some fashion agencies as well or attend an open call for fashion agencies, in print there are no open calls typically and you get in touch with agencies, present your photos and modeling ability and look through postal mail. Making it in modeling comes down to your goals, what "making it" means to you, and being ambitiously realistic while pursuing while bringing out the best of you and what you have to offer when it comes to modeling for products and brands. Modeling is really about modeling FOR something,
~ Isobella

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