Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day in the life of a short model and her legs, feet, hands and body

Had a casting today for a commercial for legs, feet and body, I was the shortest one in the room, ( I pretty much always am) and had to wear a bikini for it, I wore my yellow bikini in the waiting area. The other models were sitting and wearing their bikini's under their clothing, but I don't want to get lines on my body from sittting in my clothing, be sweating in my clothing, I don't care if the other girls thought I was weird.

When my name was called I went infront of the video camera and told the casting lady my name and agency, for the headshots. Then went out to the waiting area.
Then about 15 minutes later, and after a few other girls had gone it was my turn again.

Inside, I said my name again, and the agency that sent me, and told her how I was a full body parts model, head to toe, when she asked what "parts" I did.

For the casting, I had to sit on a stool, point my toes and move my body counterclock wise to the left, showing the sides of the foot as my legs moved, while touching my feet and legs. Then I had to slowly put on the shoes I brought with me. Take them off and repeat in the opposite direction goes towards the right now with my legs, showing off the feet and legs and hands.

Then I stood up and we did the tummy and full body.

I followed the direction and example from the casting lady and I had to caress my tummy sensually and my arms, and then pretend with my hands to open a bottle of something and smell it and smile to the camera that implied it smelled good.

Ok thank you. Next.

Then I had to go uptown to Hearst for another casting for legs and feet, it was going to be over within like 20 minutes, so I started to walk to 8th Ave to take the train all the while looking for a cab.

The cab said OFF DUTY but stopped, I told him I was just going up 8th Avenue and in I went! In the cab I was putting lotion on my legs and prepare for the next casting. When I got out of the cab my finger nail hit the door and the polish on my forefinger smudged from the scrape, I fixed it, adding polish to it, in the elevator up to the casting no doubt! :)

In the casting tried on a tweed shoe and stayed in my denim dress and showed my legs, then I sato n a tuffet couch thing and posed my legs and crossed my legs, and angled my legs in different ways with the shoe on. Then shots without the shoe.

Ok thanks.

I leave and head downtown.

Nail polish, lotion, sandals, heels, bathingsuit, portfolio, notebook, book to read, makeup bag, wallet,----a model carries a lot of stuff!


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