Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thought this was kinda cool GUESS at the NY Stock Exchange

Btw, today I was stopping by my favorite cobbler Mina's shoe repair. (They have shops on 67 Wall (between Hanover St & Pearl St and on 40 Exchange Place.)

I often go to 40 Exchange Place and see Mina's wife, she is so sweet. She even came to my book party for my graphic novel Model Life.

Seriously, I pound the pavement of NYC, I always bust up my shoes, and the best shoe repair in NYC: Minas Shoe Repair I am there often actually, I might to see you there.  I used to actually live at 63 Wall, and now I don't but I do hike over to the area just to get my shoes fixed :)

After I dropped off my shoes, I walked past the NY Stock Exchange and I saw this GUESS ad. kinda cool.


P.s: Also aren't these navy Nina shoes so cute!
I would so rock!  I like my shoes to have a personality of their own.

Short girls can be more than glamour models

I recently received a comment that asked if glamour modeling is bad and it included,   I did lots of research through google on types of modeling and since I have more of a curvier body with a big bust I thought glamour modeling would best for me. What do you say? Thanks.

I remember when I was at the start of my modeling pursuits and I let some jerk tell me that all I could do was glamour modeling and porn, because I was short.  Screw that! (btw, I wrote about all these moments in my memoir Almost 5'4"-check it out if you haven't.)

Although I was short, I grabbed my bootstraps and although it was tough, I wanted more for myself, I wanted to model for "real brands" and "real magazines" and work with "real agencies" and "really model."   So I started noticing my assets and how they could translate into working with brands and magazines and agencies. I studied the type of photos I really needed, and focused on my goals.

In my opinion and through my experience glamour modeling means: tease, producing photos that only a male would find appealing and is more about showing off than actually modeling. Models model "for something" a product, a brand, a magazine. It is very rare that a girl will go from glamour modeling to building a long term career out of it. 

Modeling bathingsuits and lingerie could be considered glamour modeling but not always. I mean lingerie and under garments and bathingsuits have a range of styles from more sexy styles to Hanes. And also many lingerie brands have a more sincere, softer look, like Clo lingerie here. That lingerie company shares their collection in a sexy but soft,  alluring way. So you could still use your body to model, but do it in a way that has more purpose and meaning.

Glamour modeling to me, sounds like trash.

I think the main question to ask yourself when it comes to your pursuits is: Does this type of modeling and does this photo, and how I am representing myself in my photography-equal to my bigger goals?

I think you should think of your modeling goals. Get your mind thinking about goals for your modeling pursuits.

If you want to work with modeling agencies and you are short, then it is a print modeling agency, and print agencies don't care for Glamour photography, they want to real you, not the overkill hair, makeup, pout, and overkill seduction smirk.  Glamour modeling these days can even imply soft porn. I am serious.

So think of your goals!

If you want to be in women's lifestyle magazines like Glamour, Allure, Marie Claire, and model for brands and products etc, then I'd say skip the glamour crap.

Glamour modeling is really just putting on a show, a tease, and the cakey makeup does not sell to those types of magazines.
Glamour modeling is not typically for a commercial print market.
Glamour modeling implies that your audience will be one sided, it will be a male.
I do not encourage Glamour modeling of this sort.

There are other ways to use assets, and I know that despite your height that you have assets to market, your smile, your personality, your upbeat appeal can get you a modeling job with a brand quicker than an a glamour shot. Start thinking of commercial print modeling photos....also I know (from experience working as a parts model, you can find better ways to your body as well. 

Think about your goals and the type of modeling jobs you  want to get before you get infront of the camera, think about the brands you'd like to model for, and can realistically could model for, learn about print modeling, and learn about how to prepare for your goals. (There is of course a lot of advice on that on this blog, just search in the upper left corner, print modeling, create a comp card, print modeling photos, print modeling agencies, etc.

You might have a curvy body, big bust, but that doesn't mean that is all you have to offer as a model. What about your smile, what about modeling a product?  Create shots that show you modeling jewelry, accessories, create beauty shots, and shots that have a commercial print modeling feel which bring out your natural look. Focus on targeting your "print modeling photos" to commercial print modeling agencies. Unless you are modeling for a product, catalog, and a purpose beyond "showing off" I think glamour modeling is really just for the male sex to look at, and a model that is curvy can be more than a tease. Glamour modeling implies: tease, and I think editorial modeling, or photo shoots that involve the body but have a more soft appeal is better than glamour modeling. I'd look at Allure, Glamour, Nylon, Marie Claire, there is a lot more out there than glamour modeling. Don't feel limited. Don't forget you can use your smile, and other assets to model. Focus on your assets as a model who can model for brands and products for advertising campaigns and bring your personality forward. Being curvy and having a bust doesn't mean you should pursue glamour modeling, which I think is not something that leads to legit work. Brands and magazines don't usually hire a glamour model. It is a very limited area to only focus on. And also it is not typically taken seriously by legit agents and agencies. I'd strive for more and aim higher for your self :)

I have a great body, a great ass, nice skin, and I do use my body has a model, but I'm not targeting myself to just be a man's tease for the next 15 minutes,  ~Isobella

Monday, August 30, 2010

I got the proof of my new book "Short Stuff" today

I got the proof of my new book "Short Stuff" today. It does look pretty freakin awesome, coming soon! I am heading Italy next week for a honeymoon actually for 2 weeks! But when I return I will be planning the book launch. Will be planning October signing events in NYC, stay tuned! Will prob be casting some models for ...some book events and be inviting all of you. :)

Favorite little things Corazon Latino silver jewelry New Designs

I'm into knits, handknitted fashion, knit dresses, and this knits in mind recently this Persephone Knitted Silver Bracelet caught my eye from Corazon Latino. 

Also, I like this woven and twisted Sadira Silver Cable Bracelet. Alot of the designs also fit petite sizes.

Are you into Pearls? How about a new spin? Sabrina Champagne Keshi Pearl Necklace:

I like to find something unique, something that I can treasure because the item has personality and invites a story :) ~ Isobella

For a beauty shot I like the windblown natural look a lot

Next week starts Short & Stylish on my blog

Next week starts Short & Stylish on my blog, I have gotten some nice submissions which I am excited to pose, if you want to be featured as Short & Stylish, send over a pic, name, where ur from, height and what you are wearing to petitepride@yahoo.com


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Isobella's Closet Petite TopShop Denim Biker Vest is cute

You don't have to be whipping down the highway on a bike to enjoy this denim biker vest at TopShop Petite's. I think it is super cute! I would rock this with some pleather skinny pants and some sick tall boots. Or with a cream colored riding pant.

Friday, August 27, 2010

This I'm a little Short change purse is so mine!

At Whole Foods saw this I'm a little Short change purse--so mine!!

Overcoming issues with height and modeling agencies

A girl on Facebook recently asked me how overcoming issues with height and modeling agencies:
How would you recommend I handle a situation with an agency where they only hire models that are 5'6" and taller for print and for leg modeling they use models 5'9" and taller? When the agency told me, I immediately let them know that I have a 33 inch inseam (which is similar to what 5'9" models have). I told her that I'm all legs. She still wasn't convinced because her clients request models that are 5'9" and taller for legs. I felt really defeated because my legs are just as long and thin and shapely as a taller model, but she got caught up on the 5'5" thing. I felt like I did at combating her statements with my positives, but it didn't seem to work. What would you have recommended I do in that situation?

My reply might inspire your own pursuits as a model:
I work with print agencies in NYC and often I have been told, attend this casting or hold this date for a shoot, and then the agency will write back and say, nevermind they went with someone taller. So. It happens, it is a part of using what you have to get ahead, sometimes what you have it not what they want. Modeling is a business of rejection, so I would strive to work with agencies that see your assets, know your real height but are willing to work with what you have, and agencies that are able to feel confident in you and themselves enough to market you despite your lack of some inches. The agent probably doesn't feel confident in herself to push you to convince the client you are just as good for the job, this is an agency that doesn't fully believe in you or herself.

An agent puts her own reputation on the line when she markets her models, but it sounds like this agency is very concerned about “sticking to what the client wants” (which is good) but it means that the agency won’t send anything less than what the client desires. This mindset means that sending you would put her at risk, her reputation. Therefore ,I would strive to work another agency, one that understands you are short, but doesn't dwell on height as much as your  other assets.

(And make sure your photos show off your other assets, and if it is your legs, make sure the photos look like ads for products involve legs, skincare ad, shaving ad, shoe ad.)

I am a shorter, the shortest perhaps, leg model ever! Yet my legs have been used in magazines and campaigns, because I showed in my modeling pictures that my legs are an asset for modeling products, shoes, etc….and maybe they were not used in a high end fashion editorial in Vogue but I have modeled shoes and products with my legs for many brands and magazines. Also, it sounds like you are targeting yourself to agencies that only care about height and measurements (fashion agencies) and not the model's other assets...It is tough to change these types of “measurements mean all” mindsets...so I'd keep hunting for another agency (print agencies). ~Isobella

I love denim for petite's ASOS PETITE Kate Indigo Jegging is hot!

These cute Jeggings for Petite's rock! From ASOS, check them here.

love, forgive, grow and give

Love yourself, forgive yourself, believe in yourself and grow and give. ~isobella jade

Thursday, August 26, 2010

models getting published work in magazines and tear sheets

I recently asked on my Facebook page: have you ever created a photo editorial story with a photographer that you wanted to publish but didn't?

Here are some tips on getting published work.

1. Create a plan before you shoot. look at magazines, get inspired, start to think of each shot as part of a story to tell.
2. I think shooting a story that makes you wonder, become curious about what's on the model's mind, what is her story, and having a styling element but really bringing out the 3-5 page story that is told though the mood of the shot, is the right direction.
3.  Also bring in elements of detail, focus on the theme of a story, jewelry, shoes, hair styling, cosmetics, which are easier to submit than fashion because accessories to not date as quickly.  A fashion story is only good for that season or a fall or summer or winter issue, but accessories, a jewelry story can be anytime of year.
4. Build your relationships with aspiring brands and designers in your area to use for your shoots.
5. strive to work with photographers who are ambitious to get their work published or have before.
6.  And strive to get contacts at the magazines. Art director, photo editor, managing editor. Submit a story publish ready. With a title, styling credits, etc and a story 3-5 pages. Shop it around. All cities also have local magazines.
7. Usually magazines work 2-3 months in advance. So by June/July they know what they will be publishing for the September/October issues already. Look for local print magazines and also online magazines as well to submit content to. Observe and learn and produce your own editorial stories.

Actually, I am in the process of collaborating with some of my photographer friends on a concept for creating a magazine that gives an outlet for the talented alternative aspiring and creative.

Reco Jeans Global Genes Project Charity September 9th SoHo NYC

Reco Jeans are made with recycled materials. Sweet!

I am intrigued! I read on their website that Reco Jeans "promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle by introducing a green line of denim that minimizes the use of fresh cotton and that reduces the amount of excess fabric that would end up in a landfill. reco jeans® supporters not only look good in their jeans, but feel good about contributing to a healthier, cleaner, and more dignified earth."

I like their they even have one style called the Jade Vine Supper Skinny jean  :) They mention that Model’s height is 5’4”; bust 31”; waist 24”; hips 36”

Awesome that they mentioned the model's height, I know for sizing, but also I think using a shorter model rocks of course! They have sizes 24-36.

I won't bein town on September 9th, ( I will be on my honeymoon in Italy, but ) in SoHo they are having a charity benefit and fashion week kick off party here is the scoop: 

Global Genes Project Charity Benefit & Fashion Week Kick Off Party!

September 9th, 6 - 9 p.m.
Green House: 150 Varick St.

Reco jeans, true recycled denim, comes together with Global Genes Project to raise money for the fight against rare disease. Silent auction, hors d'oeuvres, eco-cocktails and fashion show presenting reco jeans' new MrNY line.  Auction items include skin care products, travel packages and more!!!

First 100 people to book online will receive a goodie bag!

Buy you tickets online: https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/122425
Tickets- $25 in advance. $35 at the door.

kick off fashion

Go and let me know how it went!
Your tiny friend,
~Isobella Jade

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Favorite little things this butterfly wallet purse by Laster Designs

WOW, can I say cute! Found this cute ass butterfly wallet purse by Laster Designs, $19, perfect to bring some personality to a Little Black Dress or Blue dress or anything you wear out and about.
Check it out in more detail here.

p.s: have you found anything cute lately, are you a designer? give me a shout at petitepride@yahoo.com

Today on Model Talk Radio Model Marketing and photo tips

This week on Model Talk Radio it is all about model marketing. And how your photos represent what you CAN DO as a model. On this segment tune into some short model marketing tips on the importance of self promotion as a model and how the more you want the more work it takes.

Tune in here  Weds August 25th, 2010 --11:00 AM EST Live or anytime to hear to archive:


P.s: Are you Short and Stylish? Starting this September 2010 on this blog will be Short& Stylish photo featurse of girls around the world who are short and stylish. Fashion might not 100% love the short chick but I do!
And although I am petite I don't let that hold me back from feeling good about my style and finding something cute to wear that I like.

If you would like to be featured submit your photo, name, what you are wearing and what brands you like to wear and share a bit about your petite style. Send post ready submissions to petitepride@yahoo.com

Also check out my modeling memoir called Almost 5'4" and her graphic novel "Model Life: The Journey of a Pint-Size Fashion Warrior".

Coming soon is a new collection of short stories called "Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model." You can find my books on BN.com and Amazon and wherever books are sold.

height isn't everything, ~ isobella

Favorite little things laulaunyc.com mini sack

Totally cute and awesome little mini sack. love!  Check out the other cute bags from Michele Lau below.
Available at laulaunyc.com

I learned about this via DailyCandy.

I love little,


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Model Talk Radio with Isobella Jade on Short Model Marketing

Hey Girls,

I know everything about creating your self from scratch. On this segment tune into some short model marketing tips on the importance of self promotion as a model and how the more you want the more work it takes. Also catch tips on "model marketing" which will be featured in my upcoming book called "Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model." Answering questions from Facebook on I will share why you have to show you can model before you get the chance to model.

Tune in here  Weds August 25th, 2010 --11:00 AM EST Live or anytime to hear to archive:


Starting this September on my blog is Short & Stylish features if you would like to be featured submit your photo, name, what you are wearing and what brands you like to wear and share a bit about your petite style. Send post ready submissions to petitepride@yahoo.com

If you have already, I'm glad!, if not check out my modeling memoir called Almost 5'4" and her graphic novel "Model Life: The Journey of a Pint-Size Fashion Warrior", coming soon is a new collection of short stories called "Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model." You can find my books on BN.com and Amazon and wherever books are sold.

I write for  the underdogs :)  ~ isobella

Girls Read and Watch Emotional Creature


I have something cool for you.

Go check this out.  It's called Emotional Creature. I am so glad this book and series on MTV  is out there, and I hope YOU check it out :) I love the honestly and truth found in it.

MTV, legendary playwright Eve Ensler, Rosario Dawson, Aubrey Plaza and Jessica Stroup have a message for young women -- and men -- worldwide: you have the right to be an emotional creature!...


I agree and love when Eve Ensler says, Girls are our greatest natural resource and to respect your self and practice asking the question Will You Use a Condom. :)  And I like how Rosario shares how the Internet-age brings connectivity but also has brought problems as well.

READ this book Emotional Creature.


Jessica Simpson Over-the-knee Riding Boot is on fire!

This Jessica Simpson Over-the-knee Riding Boot is hot hot hot on Equestrian fire! Love.  I think this boot can also make a short chicks legs look longer, and as you know from my Youtube video featuring my Equestrian pants, I am totally about the riding look, this coming fall and forever!

Find at Victoriassecret.com here.

Fashion and culture

Vans is holding a fall fashion show in White Plains August 28th 2010 :) click the promo for the scoop:

On Saturday, September 18, 2010, Double Dutch Magazine will present its 1st "Celebrate Hip-Hop Girls" Teen Conference for girls ages 12-17 (middle school to high school). This FREE event will be held in Brooklyn, NY at the Bedford-Stuyvesant Restoration Plaza. The event will include discussions on health, careers, internet safety, saving money, entertainment and an expo of teen organizations. The event will also include breakfast and lunch. This is a FREE event, but you must register to attend.

Click here to register for the event.

L.e.i. Back to School Countdown Sweepstakes -deadline August 27th!

This one is ending soon. Check out the details here.

Monday, August 23, 2010

If you live in LA area Paige Denim is holding a modeling contest

Btw, if you live in LA area Paige Denim is holding a modeling content for their jeans collection, they do have petite sizes. 

Submit here: http://wildfireapp.com/website/6/contests/48654/entries/new?fb_page_id=20296332220

More info on their website:


New Video, self promotion modeling tips and fall fashion 2010- forever

Here I share self promotion modeling tips on how a girl can get her own modeling work, and a look for equestrian fall 2010 fashion.


Also if you are a "Short and Stylish" remember you can submit to be featured on my modeling blog. Submit your name, height, description of what you are wearing in the photo! :) Short and Stylish starts this fall! Email me at petitepride@yahoo.com

More of my videos here.  www.youtube.com/isobellajade

Isobella's Closet wish list Bergdorfs Givenchy Kiltie Bootie

Damn, if only I could afford this cute ass Givenchy Kiltie Bootie @Bergdorfs soooooooo freaking want, I want to wear it on a cool fall day!   Right now,  have been spending my shoe money on production for my books,  focus on the dreams, get the shoe, have my dream, have the shoe, have my dream, have the shoe,  ~Isobella

Did you know the creative director of Vogue was a model? Yes!

Hi Girls,

I just read in @WWDMarketplace that beautiful red-headed Vogue's Creative director Grace Coddington is working on an autobiography! sweet!!

"The book will cover Coddington's early life in Wales, her modeling days in Sixties London, the car accident that changed her career path and her ascendancy through fashion's ranks asa stylist and editor at British Vogue, and, later, its American counterpart."

I will be buying! Already want to read it. I love biographies of striving women that are examples of grabbing your bootstraps, aiming high, overcoming the odds and striving for their own success.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's like an Olympic discipline - Helmut Lang on being a designer

In September's Vogue, p 404, "It's like an Olympic discipline, you are always in training to do amazing things. And if your an emotional type, it is very consuming, but it can also be very fufilling."
-Helmut Lang on being a designer.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

sexy, sexy fun Madden Girl Zarah Riding Boots just bought!

Hey Girls!

Just bought these sexy and fun Madden Girl Zarah Riding Boots in black. So I got shipping for free because I sent over $35 and I had a $10 discount from DSW member awards, so got a sick deal.  ~isobella

p.s: Are you Short and Stylish? This fall, starting in September I will be featuring petite girls who are short and stylish on this blog. If you would like to submit to be featured, send your photo of your favorite outfit/s, where your from, your height and your favorite stories and any insight you have on shopping as a petite girl to me at: petitepride@yahoo.com 

Some picks from Isobella's closet for petite's Fall Fashion 2010 I love Autumn

Hi Girls,

Autumn is among us, I love summer dresses and open toe shoes but I have to admit I am looking forward to autumn. Of course I know all about the fall trends, but just because something is "in" doesn't mean I am going to love it or that I have to have it, and when I shop I buy things that I can re-wear over and over, for many seasons, classic items with some personality that make people ask "where did you get that!?"

These are some of my picks for this fall 2010 that would look great on girls of all sizes, especially the pint-size. First up, these Express Minus the Leather skinny pants come in 00/0/ up to size 14.

These Really Skinny Pants from Gap (petite) are so cute. They range in sizes from 00-16

I recently bought these super cute skinny trousers from Mango remind me of riding pants,-they sit high on the waist and make your legs look longer. (XS-M) I have their  toasted color in size XS and it fits good. (I will have a video wearing them up soon on Youtube.com) Also I love Mango's cute denim skirt, sizes 1-10.

This knit cream sweater from Top Shop petite's, is perfect for early fall, when it is not cold enough for a coat but there is a fall chill on your arms.

These part jean, part legging Hook-and-eye Legging caught my eye from VictoriasSecret.com. Jeans with a  mix of originality appeal to me, sizes 0-16.
Fun blazers that give solid colored leggings personality,

I hope these styles inspire you.  More to come! I am super petite and sometimes it takes some hunting, but XS and Petite sizes can be found~ Feel comfortable in what you wear, and if you can afford super high end logos search for finding something unique that you can treasure and wear for many years. Style on!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Stopped by Alisha Trimble Blanche DuMois Lingerie today in SoHo

This afternoon I met with Alisha Trimble, the designer of Blanche DuMois Lingerie, instead of a formal runway show the models were in an alley wall space beside a boutique on Mulberry Street, just chilling, hanging out, in delicate, flirty pieces of the Blanche DuMois Lingerie collection. It was cool because I got to get closer to the collection this way and see the details and get some in-the-moment-model shots.
Alisha told me the collection was inspired by the work of Tennessee Williams and that one of his books was sitting around the models.

I asked her how she casts her models, she said she looks for more than beauty; she looks for intelligence and the uniqueness in the models.

All of the girls had different looks, a few flaunted their tattoos and the models were different ethnicities as well, which I liked to see. Of course when I introduced my self and told them about my blog and advocating for girls of all sizes (an especially pint-size girls) I asked the models, “Which one of you is the shortest?!”
And this one said she was probably the shortest one. Another girl admitted to being 5’7”1/2.

It was cute.

I like the little shorts that had garters. Sexy!

Also the bows and cutness entwined into the sexy lines of Alisha’s designs were eye catching in a sincere and sensual way that would make a girl feel alluring and beautiful. ~Isobella

Check out Alisha Trimble's blog for more photso and details

Friend Alisha Trimble on Facebook.

She also has a swimwear line called Brain Waves online here:


And also she has a ready to wear line for sale here:

Thursday, August 19, 2010

You can have personalized a signed copy of my memoir Almost 5'4"

yay, I recently added to my website/ blog that you can have personalized a signed copy of my memoir Almost 5'4": http://www.isobelladreams.com/IsobellasBooks.html   Check it out on my website. Or see below. ~Isobella

LOOK to the right...you will see the personalized icon :) ~isobella

P.s: Or if you just to check out the book, find Almost 5'4" on BN.com
Or on Amazon.com

Modeling and weight, modeling and comp cards, modeling and the runway

A girl on facebook recently wrote me about modeling weight, modeling and comp cards and modeling and the runway,......" I'm really considering modeling. Anyway, this maybe a dumb question but do you ever worry about your weight or get comments pertaining to your weight because you are shorter than the average model? What do you suggest to be done first, a comp card and photographs right? Then send to various agencies. So, would it ever be possible for a petite model to ever be on a runway. I mean I understand that there is always room for makeup or the jewelry but what about the runway, or is that reaching too high? Oh, sorry one more question, how do you take care of your skin? I know diet and exercise (swim team) but what products do you use? Thank-you so much."

My reply, I hope it inspires you own pursuits:
Hi hun, As a shorter girl I do give consideration to my weight, because being shorter means you can appear larger than you are in a photo if you do not pose your body properly to look longer. I think knowing your proportions and how they appear on camera is a good idea.

Here are some tips on how to look longer in photos also:


I think a comp card is best to focus on, a portfolio grows over time.

Here is insight on why you need a comp card.


There are some petite brands out there, and some boutique brands, small companies that have smaller sizes. There might be a fashion show in a smaller city that has petite sizes included but in major markets like, NYC, typically there are not fashion week shows that have involved on the runway petite's however, for local and aspiring brands they do need models and put on local shows and sometimes will consider a petite. So you could try to approach some aspiring designers, accessories designers that are local to where you live. When the designers start designing more for petite sizes, more petite models will be used on the runway. Until then it is not likely that a top brand to hire a petite to rock their catwalk. I did fashion shows however when I was starting off modeling for growing, aspiring brands at events in NYC however, and I am very tiny, but I wasn’t paid much and it was more for fun and experience. (I do write about this experience in my modeling memoir called Almost 5’4”)

When it comes to agencies I think it is best to focus on print modeling when it comes to agencies and getting legit work with brands it stems from the agencies clients. Print modeling agencies are more likely to work with a “real-life” model, or print model. Here is insight on what print modeling is.


And insight on the photos you need to create a comp card and mail print agencies:


For skin and diet.

For skin, I use a toner morning and night, and when I see the start of a blemish or zit I take care it right away. I don’t sleep in my makeup, let the pores breath. I also like a couple days of a week not to wear as much makeup, just a foundation or nothing at all on my whole face to let it be. I try to use products that have natural elements within them. Like LUSH products on my face and body.

I personally eat a lot of carbs, I need energy, but I also LOVE veggies, cheese, fruit, water and coffee. I try not to eat three big meals a day I try to eat three meals, but make one of them the main big meal and the others are smaller proportions. I think over-eating happens when something else in your life is hungry or needs attention, so try to stay stress free or have an outlet like a hobby or reading or something you like to each day to calm you and not leave to rely on food to always fill the void. Those would be my tips , I hope they help, ~isobella

If you like books on models check out check out my graphic novel "MODEL LIFE: The Journey of a Pint-Size Fashion Warrior," I wrote it for shorties and anyone striving for a dream. Also if you haven't read my modeling memoir "Almost 5'4",  it has a real fighting spirit message--it's on Bn.com and Amazon course, both books share the day and the life of a shorter model and I think they will inspire you!

Saw Levi's ass ad recently. It's hot!

I love what Levi's is doing with their ass ads for all sizes!