Saturday, July 31, 2010

weekend Pinkberry, Central Park, Inception

Had Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt before walking through Central Park, stopped off at the boat house in the park, with my friend and her niece, and we stopped at the American Girl Store, WHOA! That store is crazy! Those $95 dolls are pretty cute, I liked the horse riding girl and the camp girl. You can even get your doll's hair done in the store for $20, and give your doll a pedicure or manicure kit for $10.

I dream in color. I remember my dreams, I sometimes can wake & then go back to sleep & continue my dream, loved watching "Inception" 2nite with my man, smart film. Leo & Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt rocked, wasn't expecting Ellen Page but she fit in quite well and did a great job with her role. And loved Mal, Marion Cotillard is so amazing, one of my favorite actresses, I love how they played in the film a french song that I am pretty sure she actually sang in the film "La vie en rose"--you should see this film, it is one of my favorites, it is about the life of Edith Piaf. netflicks.

Go get it.

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