Monday, July 26, 2010

Victoria's Secret plans tricks and treats

Did you hear Victoria's Secret might have a hot Halloween get-up for you?
I read in the Columbus Dispatch that Victoria's Secret will be rolling out a Halloween costume line this fall. The scoop:

Victoria's Secret plans tricks and treats
By Tim Feran

Trick-or-treat might be positively angelic this year.

Victoria's Secret - whose runway supermodels wear lingerie and angel wings - plans to offer a small range of costume items for Halloween this fall.

Officials at Columbus-based Limited Brands, the parent company of Victoria's Secret, had little comment on the merchandise other than to confirm that it is in the works and to say it will be available through the company's website and catalog business, and in its mall stores.

In offering the theme items, Victoria's Secret will join such retailers as Frederick's of Hollywood - which has offered sexy Halloween merchandise for years - Playboy and a growing number of costume shops.

The popularity of Halloween among older teens and adults began surging in 2005, according to statistics from the National Retail Federation. That surge continued until the recession caused a drop in spending for all ages, including big-spending young adults who spent slightly less than $70 on the holiday in 2009 versus more than $80 in 2008.

Even so, in every year, the biggest chunk of the budget for the holiday went to costume purchases, the National Retail Federation reports. Last year, consumers spent an average of $20.75 per person on costumes, for a total of $1.75 billion nationally.

"Halloween has become much more of a grown-up activity and there are all sorts of merchandise product opportunities," said retail consultant Chuck Palmer, owner of Consumer X Retail. "I'm not surprised Victoria's Secret would want a piece of that."

While details remain sketchy, Palmer expected that Victoria's Secret items would continue to walk a careful line between tame and too sexy.

"I would imagine they'll be doing it in a tasteful and sophisticated way," he said. "Frederick's has had a bit of a raunch factor that Victoria's has avoided."

Palmer's prediction for the still-secret Victoria's Halloween treats: "They'll probably be more fantasy-oriented, like you see in the runway show, and maybe play off the angel wings."

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