Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tips for taking a good headshot photo

In an interview with I gave some tips on taking a good author photo, the same applies for models:

Practice in-front of the mirror before you get in-front of the camera, and look in magazines and get inspired by the beauty ads or skincare ads you see. Communicate with the photographer what you are going for, show examples to the photographer. The face shot, the close-up, the beauty shot, the headshot- they are all tough shots to get, and it involves relaxing the face, making your face relaxed but keeping your eyes expressive. I know it might sound silly but stand in-front of the mirror learn about your face. Notice what happens when you turn it a certain way or angle, bring an ad you saw in a magazine that inspires you into the bathroom with you, and practice your smile, making your eyes look expressive but natural. It really takes confidence, feeling good inside can reflect how good your photo will look.

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