Thursday, July 1, 2010

religion and modeling

A girl on facebook recently asked me, "I'm sure that there are some models that are religious and others who are not; but for those who practice a religion they may have days that they cannot work because of the rules of that religion. Do people in the modeling buisiness respect that? Or will the models get fired?, because there are certain days that they cannot work?"

My reply:

If there is something you are not able to model for, or a day you can't work, or a product you would not like to model for, it is best to tell the agency ahead of time, when you meet them, and tell them at the start. So that when clients call the agency if something comes up that you are not comfortable with, or a certain day you can not work, the agency already knows, and won't have you attend that casting, job, etc. If you communicate ahead of time, it should be fine and people do respect that. Just be honest and upfront at the start about what you can and can not model for and when you can and can not. If you say you can attend a casting, or accept a modeling job and then you can't do it, the agency and the client will both be frustrated and upset. I hope this helps, ~isobella

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