Monday, July 19, 2010

The Original Mac Girl Gets Married: visits Apple Store in SoHo

So, by now you should know I wrote my memoir at the Apple store when I was broke and struggling, well about 2 months after that time I met a man. Who I have been with for 4 years and who I married last Thursday!!!! It was an amazing day and I will have professional photos to show you taken by Robert Milazzo and Alex Kroke. (if you read my memoir Almost 5'4" I plug in the book how these two talented and unique photographers became confidants and my friends during my journey as a model. Back then, being around their creative energy and hanging out at the studio on 29th Street was such fun. Also when I was living out of a suitcase I would keep it there sometimes, at the studio, in the back, by the photo equipment.)

Last Thursday, the 15th, it was totally happiness to ride around the city in a limo with my groom, who cares if it was 90 degree weather, we got to shoot around the city we love in a casual, fun, eloping in NYC style. From eating hotdogs on the Brooklyn Bridge, to riding the BULL downtown (yes we both got on top of the horns), to The New York Stock Exchange flag, to Demonico's, to Little Italy, to the seaport, to Grand Central, SoHo, Flatiron, Empire State Building, Times Square, we did it our way, with just us, and we had our first dance in Grand Central. We have original photos that I am happy we took to treasure.

They real photos are coming soon to share. However, this is a candid shot from Alex's cell phone taken at the Apple store.

This is how we got the shot.

It’s not normal to shoot in public stores and some will kick you out very quickly. However, if you have a connection with the store, you might be able to pull it off, like I did.

Alex went in first. He went to the top of the stairs. About a minute later, I walked into the store discreetly (wink, well sort of after having some employees first checked me out). On my way up to the bathroom on the second floor this photo was probably taken as a test shot with Alex's phone or something. He got some really good ones of me coming the stairs. Then, I went to the bathroom. For real.
Alex ran down stairs.

Next, I walked down the stairs now very slowly. Taking my time. click. click. click.

At the bottom of the stairs I met Alex and Robert and by then the store employees in blue shirts were wondering and trying to figure out "what was a bride was doing in the store?"

I walked up to the greeters in the front of the Apple store, who stand there like soldiers protecting the beautiful macs and saying hi to all that entered.
I asked, “Hi! Can I take a photo with you guys? I’m Isobella Jade, I wrote my memoir at this store. I just got married!”

One of the guys, tall, who had a leadership appeal, said, “I know you, you wrote over there in the corner.” I said yes. He said that I couldn’t take a photo with the employees but asked “Would you like to do something cool though?”


He said I could sit on the display tables and take some photos in my dress. So I did. I climbed up to the nearest table and sat there with mac-users working nearby and posed with the computers like a princess on her throne for at least 7 minutes. It was so awesome.

Then the employees were asking “where is the groom?”

Well we didn’t want to cause a total scene, also we were sure how the store would feel about the photos and just walking in, but when I was walking out Robert must have cued him because my man walked in and got me as I reached the bottom of the stairs, by the door, and every one of the employees clapped and cheered. It was pretty awesome to get an applause at the Apple store!

Happiness is the new black, and wearing your smile on your sleeve is the lastest style trend. Yay! ~ Isobella

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