Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Model photography: Why does that photo look bad?

To take a better shot as a model you have to SEE your self, your flaws, and learn what looks good and natural and pretty when you move your face and head, and notice what made the photo look good or not look so good.

Notice the good shots too, notice the way your head was angled to get that shot, notice the way your eyes looked more alive, try to remember how you felt when the photo was taken that produced a confident, beautiful shot, --notice the bad shots too.

After the photo shoot for their comp card or portfolio it is normal to shreek, "OMG delete that one!"

Normally not every shot will be something you like.

However don't just delete the photos that are not as pretty,- ((or the pics you think are not as pretty))- instead learn from them. Notice what you did, how you moved and what angle your face was at, or how you tilted the head that created something you don't think is flattering.

Also, before you shoot it is actually best to go infront of the mirror and practice naturally and normally moving the face, just turning your head side to side slowly, lifting chin up and down slightly and noticing how your face changes when you smile or look more calm.

I think it is important to learn your face.

When you are working with a professional photographer, it is best to be natural with your photography and if you are shorter then focus on creating photos that fit commercial print modeling, -this means: not trying to hard, so put away the smirks, pouts, bad-ass looks, quiet down the edge for your print modeling compcard and show your personality and energy. Also a beauty shot close-up is good to get as well. Study ads for purfume, beauty, hair care, cosmetics and you will see good beauty examples. However for a beauty shot I would tame down the makeup, keep it natural.

Some things I notice about myself from being infront of the camera over the years.

When my chin is down my forehead looks larger.
When my face is at a side profile or slight angle and I smile I tend to think I look prettier.
When my face is straight on I can feel awkward. My eyes have to be looking at camera very confident, not mean but "knowing", and I have to internally feel good about myself to get a straight on pretty shot.
If my chin is up to high I lose my big eyes. <---my fav part of my face.

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