Sunday, July 25, 2010

model fresh face contest online realities

A girl on facebook recently asked me. "My friends have come across a modeling myspace thing. I think its for the next fresh face. well they want to enter but I feel a little wary of it. it seems legit but I'm just not sure, so I wanted to know if you think it is legit or not. I would love an answer soon, because they are already taking photos for it and it ends soon."

My reply:

I think most online model searches are not worth it. You could submit a photo but don't bank on it. Scams often lerk from online searches. An aspiring model will go further with a comp card and mailing it to print modeling agencies by postal mail. In print modeling there are not any open calls, so you gotta get some stamps girl! :) Also having a comp card is being more prepared and ready to work as a model, so I'd focus on getting the real tools you need to pursue, ~isobella

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