Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I am getting married in 2 days: A vow to myself for my wedding day

I am getting married in two days! This Thursday, July 15th, 2010.

We are doing what I call "eloping in our own city", it will be amazing, memorable, casual, and a totally fun filled day. After the ceremony, we are going around the city in a limo and taking photos at city landmarks (our photos will involve eating hotdogs from street vendors and posing with the bull downtown, maybe even the Apple store, Grand Central, Times Square, hehe and it will be really fun to take photos at the landmarks of NYC that we love.) We decided that instead of a reception it would be nice to have a little Happy Hour with some local city friends.

So here is a vow to myself for my wedding day:

I will not bitch on my wedding day. If all the beads come off my dress and my veil flies off my head I will stay cool, calm, and take a deep breath, and try to put it back on in a pretty way. Maybe run into a Starbucks, a book store, a Sephora, or something if help is needed.
If I step in some gum or some dog crap on the city street or if my heel gets stuck in a city grate I will not cry, and try to find some laughter somewhere while I clean it off my white shoes. (Debating still if I should bring some seltzer, just in case of these could-happen moments.)
If I drop my bag and it explodes I will ask my hubby to kindly help me pick it up and take a few seconds to collect myself. If my waterproof mascara from Givenchy happens to run or smudge on my face, I will smile like the happiest raccoon ever.
I will wear kiss proof lipstick and bring some touch up items in my bag: bareMinerals powder, eye lash curler, travel size deodorant, but not freak out about every single eye lash being perfect or whine about all the sweat because it WILL BE 90 degrees outside. Thank god I won't have my period.

My dress is Alfred Angelo, I got it from RK Bridal and it was a very bad experience, however the dress and brand itself is fabulous. This is not me, I am about 5 inches shorter than this dress model, but the dress looks basically like this on me. The front, hence being petite, goes past my knees, almost to the top of my shin, but still looks really pretty. The train doesn't hit the ground which I am thankful for on the NYC streets.

My shoes! Badgley Mischka Rosali, satin white. I think I got the last 6.5. Got 6.5 because will be running around a lot and might need some extra space while hustling the city in my dress and with my groom :)

My bag, Aqua clutch, super cute and will hold just enough.

My bouquet will be white stephanotis and white roses wrapped in white ribbon from www.cityblossoms.com/

Cake: I am a tiny person, so I figure tiny cakes are perfect!
I am getting little cakes from Cindy at www.thelittlecandycake.com

On my face: will be Hour Glass Veil and primer, and Givenchy waterproof mascara,<--- a little $ but mascara is small-good size, and will fit in my little bag :) eye shadows will be a natural color, browns, tans. I am not sure about eyeliner, with 90 degree weather it might get a bit ugly under my eyes.
Getting makeup done at the salon but not looking to do ALOT but have it fresh, natural and pretty, and bringing my own makeup items because it will be hot, hot, hot, outside, and know I will need a touch up so good idea to bring my own so have the right tones. In purse Bringing bareMinerals, and powder/foundation brush and eyelash curler, travel size deodorant.

Eat, drink and have life long love: I didn't really want to pick out napkins and centerpieces, so we are having a happy hour instead of a reception and I am happy about this because by 6pm we will want some food and drink and we will get together with some close city friends.

I will have candid photos to share from my iPhone and on my Twitter and Facebook I will be posting them as the day goes on, and one of my very good photographer friends who has known me for about 7 years will be taking the photos.

I am very happy that I found such a wonderful man who I am excited to share life long memories with, - and he is lucky too! :)


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Anonymous said...

We love you very much and are so excited for you and T! :o)

I hope you enjoy all of your random surprises over the next few weeks. Enjoy your mini-honeymoon! a great getaway before the real deal in the fall!! XoXo

All our love,