Thursday, July 22, 2010

Getting the beauty face with Monaé Everett

Soon! on my Model Talk Radio podcast I will be chatting with makeup artist and hair stylist, Monaé Everett!

Beauty modeling is something girls of all sizes can pursue, however having the right makeup for the shots is important and Monaé will be chatting about how to best prepare for your beauty shots...even if you are doing your own makeup.

Tune into the live show July 29th at 2 PM EST here:

The scoop on the show:
Petite model, author Isobella Jade chats with Monaé Everett about beauty modeling and the perfect makeup for creating a beauty shot, which is something girls of all sizes need and can use for their modeling pursuits. If you are not tall enough to rock the runway you have to use what you do have. As an innovative hair stylist and makeup artist, Monaé Everett has a strong portfolio of editorial work in magazines and commercial work. She will share tips on beauty modeling makeup tips and also share her own beauty routine with us, and Isobella will share insight on posing the face for your beauty shots and getting comfortable with your facial expressions in front of the camera. "I love how clean and fresh her work looks, how much the shot is about the model's unique beauty, that comes out with Monaé Everett's touch." !~isobella jade


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