Monday, July 5, 2010

Fashion and Beauty things I saw and suggestions to check out

It was frickin' HOT today, my face almost slipped off, my hair stuck to my forehead, my hat made me even more hot and sweaty. This is me sweating:

With my iPhone wearing H&M blue dress I love, and Aldo heels, random hat I bought on the street and Dooney and Burke vintage bag.

You know how you see something, you like it, you debate, you like it, but still debate, maybe you will find something better, so you don't get it. This happened to me today with a handbag.

Then you shop around, your feet start to hurt, you have walked miles, not joking, and you don't find anything, not anything better than what you saw before. Maybe you will find something online, you go home and go online shopping and still can't find anything, the handbag is still on the mind. Still. I will prob go back to the store and buy it tomorrow.

Today I I asked the sweet lady at Sephora for a makeup that won't sweat off ur face, trying out Hour Glass Veil Fluid Makeup, I wear no. 3 - Sand.

Also picked up bareMinerals mineral veil, Sephora's makeup brush Shampoo, and an itty bitty favorite Fresh mascara wands.

Did you know that Benefit has these cute portable foundations in the line makeup bins at Sephora, saw them today:

Love these sick heels from All Saints, the narrow heel is hot, also saw these today in SoHo (awesome store, love the sewing machines, hence below):

Also if you get a chance go uptown and go see designer Rebecca Moses's street exhibit. Her “Industrial Glamour” mannequin will be unveiled this week as apart of the Sidewalk Catwalk public art exhibition on Broadway in New York City. Between 36th And 37th Streets.

It will be up through Sept. 3. <---- my birthday, so I hope get some shots. For now I found some cool pics here on the fashion database blog.


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