Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Can too much glamour photography hurt your goals?

A girl on facebook asked me, "do you that that doin thong shots and to much glamour and sexy can affect me wantin to become and actress??? "

My reply:

Yes. I think you have to always be careful about the photos you take, who takes them, and what you reveal. Unless it is in good taste, classy, and something you could show your mother or a female and she would say "that's pretty" then I would not shoot it. You can however shoot lingerie WITHOUT the teasing, male focused appeal. Many body shots are used for health, fitness and beauty ads, and also notice the "different types of lingerie out there, not just glamour, but pretty ad campaigns that have a softer, more sincere and female consumer type look. Too much sex appeal, can work against you because depending on your goals you won't get respect for certain jobs with only glamour in your book. Acting these days has become a lot about tits and ass and I don't think this is respected, men might like it, but it is hard to translate being the "hot chick" into being the actress in an amazing touching, successful, award winning and notable film. I would focus on your craft of acting, whether it is a natural gift or if you are taking classes, you have to think of your goals ALWAYS. Set goals. Visualize them, picture yourself accomplishing them, and then do the work and strive for it. I do a lot of body part modeling, I have used my body to book modeling jobs with brands and magazines, -however I made my mistakes in my early days (I wrote about these moments in my memoir Almost 5’4”,), but once I noticed that the images I put out there reflect my opportunities I started to make sure I took myself and my body, my goals more seriously. To make sure that if my body is being seen, it is for a purpose that reflects my goals. It is not out of desperation, and I have great skin, great curves, but showing it has to be for something that will be respected among those who hire me for future opportunities, etc. ~ Isobella

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