Sunday, July 4, 2010

can model's still model with braces? answered

A girl on facebook recently asked me: "I was wondering if models could still model if they have braces? I know you can convey different expressions without smiling, but I don't want to have a dis advantage in the industry if I get them?"

My reply:

Hi Hun, I wouldn't stress it too much but understand models with braces are typically not in demand all the time, however while you have your braces you can still pursue print modeling, and I think braces can be something that makes you stand out actually. So get some photos of you with your braces smiling, laughing, look in the ads similar to what you see in an ad in you see in Teen Vogue. In your photos bring what you have forward, your smile,...even your braces, and what about ads fo dentists offices? Braces are needed. :)
(you could even tell your dentist if their marketing division needs a model, you might be interested in modeling for their ads.)

Of course model's wearing braces are not seen in soooo many ads, but I have seen model's with braces in editorials for beauty and health, and sometimes if braces are needed the ad team or graphic designer will ADD the braces on the model's photo actually.

Sure you might not see a lot of models in ads with braces in ads and editorials, but I wouldn't let it stop you making a comp card and mailing it to PRINT agencies -Here are images of teens with braces to inspire your photos.

In fashion, most fashion models don't really smile as much in the the ads and editorials anyways, if an agency likes your look they will work with you, or wait it out until they are off, I suppose. However, commercial print modeling is about the personality of the model, their unique'ness, so for print modeling your braces could be something interesting to market.

I don't think sending some pics of you and your braces to a print agency would hurt,
try it, :)


Unitek's product ad here for braces:

And there is that clear braces option:


Emma Robertson said...

I am twelve, and desperate to become a model, but my Mum wont let me until K get my braces off. My friends tell me I would make a good model and someone suggested Invisiglon, but its uper expensive so not a chance! Could I model for clothing, like school uniform, if they want a geeky teen type look? I would be happy to do just about any modelling, even runway but Im not tall enough, haha! Please reply, Emma. X

Unknown said...

Hey Emma, I don't think braces would hold you back from working with a print modeling agency. A fashion agency might be a different story, but in print modeling your braces might even help you book work since modeling jobs are based on 'the real you' and using your personality, smile, energy, spunk, to relate to a product or brand. I would consider print modeling and rock your braces and be true to you and research with your Mom some print modeling agencies, you could get some headshots done and start to introduce yourself at least to agencies with your Mom's help. Depending on where you live you might find the braces are not anything that will hold you back and could help you book work actually. Focus on getting the right photos and be careful of scams, manage your own photography and if you can ask to work non-exclusive with agencies until you get some experience, don't sign a modeling contract without reading it VERY carefully. Too many scams out there. Good luck!