Monday, June 28, 2010

What’s in the model’s bag?

I wanted to share insight on What’s in the model’s bag?

Showing up to a modeling job with a clean face isn't enough. Here are some things I bring to my model bookings.

Shoes. Always bring a comfortable pair of shoes, flip-flops or sandals to wear during breaks. You might be working in heels, and sometimes they are a bit too small or not worn in. So you will want to keep your feet looking pretty, not tired or red, while waiting for the crew to set up the next shot, or during a break.

Robe. Sometimes the stylist won't have one for you, so bring your own if possible.

Food and water. Even if there is catering, you still want to be prepared. Bring water to keep your body and skin hydrated.

Hairclips, hair pins and elastic hair tie. Even if the job doesn't involve your face, you will typically want your hair out of your face. Even for shoe modeling jobs and hand modeling jobs, I try to keep my hair out of my face if possible. Doing so limits distractions (like hair falling in your face!) while on set.

Cell phone charger. While you are working you might get called for other jobs or castings to schedule, so keep your phone charged, but on vibrant or silent, while working.

Q-tips. This is one of the most handy model-tools ever. You can clean up your face, nail polish, and a million other things with a q-tip. Bring some.

Thong. Models need to have handy their own tan, black and white thongs, plain and simple, no frazy dazzle, just simple thongs.

Also keep in mind you are there to do a job. Leave your bad mood, fight with your boyfriend, or any other shitty moment at the door and focus on getting the job done as efficiently as possible. It is better to ask where the bathroom is or take a water break than to end up crying in front of the whole crew. You want to appear capable and professional, and the client should feel like they hired the right girl for the job. You. Even if you are having an off day, focus on what the job entails, and bring your best effort forward.

Once I had my period, and I had a job for a shaving company. I had to be basically naked for 9 hours. However, I still made sure that no one knew the whole day of shooting that it was my time of the month. Part of being a model is keeping your positive spirit, hiding your tampon string when needed, and keeping your mouth shut, and not letting a challenge get the best of you, even if it means smiling through your cramps.

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