Friday, June 4, 2010

Totes are a great size handbag for petite's

I am NOT MAJOR into logo's, I actually avoid them, and instead I love finding something unique, something that is vintage is awesome, and something that has an original, one of a kind flair.

Well this handbag was found in Madison, GA, during a trip to Atlanta, and it was most likely in someone's sweet granmdmother's basement, and that is the reason I like it, I like it because it is beat up a little, has a story within the handles, the little nicks show that the bag was used and loved. And I now get to love it!

I think tote bags this size are perfect for petite or smaller girls. Easy to carry and they are proportioned to our size! It is around 13" x 8". It is so easy to hold and carry and it carries EVERYTHING! The only thing it doesn't carry however is my modeling portfolio, it doesn't fit, but on the weekends or when I don't have a casting I am rocking this older Dooney & Bourke bag.

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