Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Should you model in other markets answered

A girl recently posted a comment on my blog here asking if she should try to model in other cities.

My reply:
I suppose it depends on where you are in life and if you have a backup plan. ALso it depends how experienced you are. If you have no experience here are my thoughts:
I think it is better to start local and build, if you want to work other markets, such as NYC or LA, it is better to have some experience first, meaning have modeled for a brand or have done some editorial work, even locally or worked with a popular local brand in your area. It is better to show you have experience when entering a competitive market, but modeling is a tough business and it is about self-serving, knowing your assets and no matter where you live there are opportunities but you have to be good at marketing what you do have that can translate into working with brands and magazines, and real modeling opportunities and agencies, it starts with a self investment, the right photos and a comp card. It is better to pitch yourself with some experience if you strive to work in other markets. Also keep in mind modeling for a shorter girl is not stable in means of housing, rent, and a stable income, it is VERY tough to survive pure on modeling because paychecks are 60 days or more sometimes, and typically print models are not housed like fashion models.

Hope this helps, but don't feel down, there is a lot you can do in your area to get some experience and build, here are some tips on smaller town model marketing and using your comp card:

~isobella jade

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