Monday, June 28, 2010

The Shoe Modeling contest winner is Glenda + parts modeling tips

The Shoe Modeling Contest winner is Glenda, even though I wish there was a smile, when I look at her shot I think "catalog" this looks like a catalog for an online shoe retailer, or a store like Macy's. I think the dress is a bit too bold and the shoes should have been a bit more directly where my eye went, but she looks comfortable in her skin, and in the shoes, and she looks long and proportioned. Shoe modeling can involve full body and I like where Glenda was going with the shot.

She wins this! Michael Antonio Shoes (size 6) and Clarins Self Tanner, and a copy of my modeling memoir Almost 5'4"!

Most petite girls are a smaller size shoe and using your foot, legs, "parts" for parts modeling can be a way to get the door with a modeling agency. Many print agencise have "parts modeling divisions." It does involve submitting the right photos/ a comp card that shows your parts in a natural and ad inspired way.

There were some other submissions for the shoe contest I held last week that were of just the legs and feet. And for parts modeling it could work to just show the legs, Sharlotte from London, England sent me this leg shot. The background is a bit messy. So I would get rid of the clothing in the background, and keep it clean for creating a 'parts modeling shoe/leg shot'.

Also when creating shoe modeling shots, I think changing up the polish is a good idea. For health, beauty, heels, skincare, sandals, toes are seen sometimes, but in natural colors, clear, or light pink. Also showing your feet in and legs in different types of shoes, sneakers, sandels, heels, and by themselves in the sand or low cut grass, or just a plain background color is best. Also keep in mind, it is best not to promote that you are a "feet model", (this can sound be amatuer and can led to the wrong thing) it is better to say "parts model."

Here are more tips for getting into parts modeling. And below are more tips on creating photos for parts modeling.

Here are some samples of my feet and legs in ads:

Other tips on creating photos for parts modeling here:

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