Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Plus size petite models- is there a place for you in modeling?

I saw a recent comment on this blog asking if plus size petite girls have a chance in modeling. I think if you are realistic the answer is yes. If you are trying to walk the runway, be a Victoria's Secret model then the odds might appear to be slim, but if you notice your assets beyond your height and size you can find opportunities. Agencies typically work with models that fit the needs of the clients. Most print modeling agencies (def fashion agencies) do not get asked often for petite models. It's not like a brand or magazine says to an agent, "I need all your short models please." Most clients, brands and magazines, are looking for a certain type, size, ethnicity, hair color, eye color however and if you are petite and plus size I would focus on a couple areas. Ok so you might not have the height but make sure your other assets are being noticed. Like your smile. Skin, and here are some areas to consider focusing on:

Beauty. Create photos that show your beautiful eyes, your nice skin, your pretty lips, and smile, hair, nail care.

Put your smile out there. Many brands and lifestyle products use models of all sizes and plus size is seen more in magazine style editorials, as for product ads, it is their smile, energy and personality that is used in the ad. SO make sure your photos are representing your personality.

Accessories. Handbags, scarfs, hats, jewelry, etc all use models of all sizes in their ads. Focus on creating some shots for your comp card that involve "you modeling something."

Parts modeling. The other day at my hand modeling casting I saw a plus size girl. If you are curvy with nice skin and hands consider hand modeling to get you in the door to work with agencies. Many print modeling agencies have "parts modeling" divisions.

Celebrate your curves. Use examples from ads for Dove and Hanes to inspire you. Show off your personality in your photos, and strive to get photos that are professional and show the real you in a natural and pretty way. Skip the overly sexy corny photos, skip the "trying too hard to be a model", be your self. These days being your self no matter your size sells.

Study ads, observe magazines of all types and product ads of all types.

Striving to work as a model and model for brands and products involves an ambitious and realistic mindset. I call this being "realistically ambitious."

Modeling is tough, modeling is competitive, it takes a major investment, self investment and striving involves more than just having your photo taken, you do need the right photos and the right mindset.

Market what you have, focus on it, be honest with yourself about what you can do and can't do and pursue the areas you CAN. ~isobella

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Lupa Gitana said...

thank u Isobella, ur blog really is the best thing a girl who wants to model can run into :)

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading/following your page.Please keep it coming. Cheers!
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Anonymous said...

I would love to do modelling for petite plus sized as im a uk size 12 and height of 5ft 1. I have had lots of interest in photographers who love to shoot me for their portfolios and for fun however nothing really modelling as such. I would love to do advertisements and this blog has made me want to continue to really push myself. thank you!