Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Petite of the Week is Leigh Ann


photo by Noah Clayton

Here is what Leigh Ann says about being petite and making strides in modeling:

"The modeling industry is much larger than most people tend to think. Its only high fashion and runway modeling that requires such an emphasis on height. The beauty, hair, accessory, jewelry, commercial, tv, and film industries are completely open to us shorties and I think it's so important for us to remember that. That's why I refuse to let my height limit my dreams and potential. It took me less than six months to create a diverse portfolio, work with dozens of photographers and become sought after by dozens more, this coming from a girl who stands at just 5'2". I've been modeling for less than a year and each step I take toward my dream of modeling helps me to learn and to grow; to make more and more compelling, dramatic, and eye-catching images; and to immerse myself in learning the industry that much deeper. I truly believe that our dreams come true when we commit to them... and my commitment is unshakable. Good things come in small packages, and models are no different! Passion doesn't have a height and mine is touches the heavens!~Leigh Anne"

photo by John Carman Photographer

Leigh Ann also does her own makeup for many of her shoots and I think knowing how to do your makeup is important. Usually for jobs there is a makeup artist but still knowing how to do your makeup is a good idea anyways.

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