Saturday, June 12, 2010

Modeling a product is the mindset

The more you think about modeling as modeling a product the better. Modeling and being a model is about modeling for something, an ad, a commercial, an editorial in a mag, a catalog. Modeling is not about the ego nor should you pursue it to gain confidence, that is something you should have before you pursue modeling. Yes modeling is competive but above all it is about being prepared for opportunity with the right photos to best market you. Recently a girl told me she wanted to get print and tv modeling opportunities and also included doing glamour and fetish modeling--well the firs two are good to pursue but the last two I'd skip. You wanna know why:

Print modeling and commercial work leads to a long term pursuit within modeling, and focusing on print modeling means you can model for many different products and brands and magazines, using the words Fetish model can easily turn off a print modeling agency and agent because Fetish modeling is not taken seriously in the real modeling business of ad campaigns, product ads, commercials, and it is a lot more conservative.

Also, overall, it is extremely sketchy to rely on teasing the camera as a glamour model or only appealing to men within modeling for a long term pursuit. Also glamour and fetish modeling will limit your ability to translate that into real honest and respected legit well paid modeling jobs through a print modeling agency for commercial print ads and projects, which leads to more opportunity and better paid work. If you want to model for a beauty ad, or a hair ad, or in female lifestyle magazines, or anything involving lifestyle products, it is best to stray from glamour or the word fetish. These areas are not considered legit to the real print agencies and ad agencies which hire models for print ads and commercials.

When I say Glamour I am not talking about Victoria's Secret, those are real models who work with great photographers for a global brand, I am talking about posing for the sake of posing (or just to feel hot), and using the word model just to boost an ego or think that being naked is something you have to do to get ahead as a shorter model. It is NOT. The photos you need to "really model" are not those among pin-up or Glamour modeling.

((If you want to pursue lingerie modeling or fitness or anything involving the body, do it in a commercial print way, do it in a way that is selling to a female consumer, not just a male. Print agencies do work with lingerie and fitness and body models, but the type of photography is a lot more about the product and has a feel of beauty where the models looks more respected and more sincere, a softer look. No pout, no finger to the mouth.))

Overall, is best to think about modeling a product when you think about modeling. Ask yourself, do my goals equal modeling for something? If so, you are heading in the right direction for print modeling. The photos you create and use to market yourself will determine whether you get opportunities or not. So make sure you are creating marketable photos that reflect your goals.

Don't degrade yourself as a female and don't think shorter girls are only glamour models, or only able to do one type of modeling-- that is not true!

In commercial print modeling, #1 you REALLY need the right photos no matter your height, and it takes time and the right mindset to craft them.

If you are new to the pursuit of working as a model, then start with a headshot that looks fresh and natural like the girls on the front of the hair dye boxes. A smile shot will get you towards modeling products and for something you can tell your mother about and which will lead to a long pursuit. Models can model until they are 80 in print modeling, it's all about how you market yourself :)


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