Saturday, June 12, 2010

Modeling photo tips for comp card

To get a better quality photo experience remember Shoot only with someone -a professional photographer- who understands what print modeling is. Like in life, with a test in school or for a sport, being prepared and being smart about investing time into your pursuits results in a better chance for accomplishing a goal and your success.

Watching for good lighting in photos, natural makeup and styling and bring forward your energy and personality is best for shorter models.

It is better to get the basic shots you NEED than random ones that look unprofessional.

Professional doesn't mean over Photoshop -it means natural, you as your real self in the photos and compcard you use to market you to agencies.
I suggest with the word professional in mind to keep the shots natural and do not overkill the Photoshop!

These days to present yourself to an agency for print modeling your compcard should show the real you because real people and girls of all sizes are seen modeling in lifestyle ads and campaigns. If you are shorter than 5'8" (most of us are!) you really should strive for print modeling and be aware there is a certain type of photo to show, and natural is best.

Remember, aim higher, and want professionalism, skip TFP with amatuers, you don't have to go crazy shooting over and over and over and over and do a massive amount of shoots, (most of the time that is amatuer to just shoot to shoot), -shoot with a goal, shoot to get ahead, and get opportunities, not just for the heck of it. Aim higher, want more, and get more out of your goals. Yes it is tough, yes it is competitive, of course, this is modeling, but these days modeling is open to anyone who wants to try it, if you have the right ambition and the right photos and marketing mindset.

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