Thursday, June 3, 2010

Model beauty tricks, nail polish savior!

I'm off to get some of my favorite heels fixed at my fav shoe repair, and here is a shoe trick: buy nail polish in the colors of your heels, I have red, brown, black, silver, that way if you scuff up your shoe's heel just paint a little bit of polish on the scrape or scuff and it will hold you over until you can get to the shoe repair. I always carry nail polish in my purse. (just bought an awesome brown from Revlon)

Also when you go to the salon to get your nails done, bring your own polish with you, you can touch up any chips and mani/pedi lasts longer (and bring your own nail file and buffer too, be safe/cleaner!). Don't feel awkward telling the lady to please use your own awesome file and polish. They will. Just ask. I always do it.


~isobella jade

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