Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Finding a photographer for print modeling shots

Use the Backstage Yellowpages if you are searching for a photographer. I am hoping over time to have a database of photographer I can suggest for headshots and commercial print photos. Like an actor a model needs a nice headshot and beauty shot, she needs shots that show her personality. She needs natural, and real.

When looking for a photographer keep a few things in mind.

1. Go for good lighting and work with someone who understands the craft of photography.

2. Shoot with a photographer who understands print modeling and understands the type of photos you need for print modeling.

3. Somes you have to spend money, (yes pay a photographer) to make money. Most times TFP does not get aspiring models quality work they need to market themselves. There are exceptions but rare ones. I have had a few TFP's that results in tearsheets and were with serious photographers who were testing, however most of the time TFP can be a total waste, -remember you want quality, professionalism, and here is why.

Check out this link for finding photographers as an option:


If there is a female photographer or photographer you'd like to suggest to be apart of the database you can submit submissions at petitepride@yahoo.com

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