Monday, June 28, 2010

Facebook question: fashion photos for short models

A girl on facebook recently asked me, "I found a photographer and we're going to meet about what we want out of the shoot. Now I know to tell her that I need more "print" looking photos. Is it okay to have some more fashion type photos in your portfolio as well? To show that you can do multiple things? Do you just go to a print shop to make your compcard? and how many do you think is good to make for starting out?"

My reply might also help your own pursuits in modeling:

As a shorter girl, fashion photos will not help you. To be honest print modeling photos are best to get. Print modeling photos involve personality and are more natural than a fashion styled photo that has more makeup and styling involved. Showing fashion photos is not the "diversity" that will help you. Commercial print modeling is more conversative, an agencies for print modeling and talent agencies want to see smiles, personality and energy within your photos in a natural way, and print modeling type photos are a lot less styled and more about the model's personality, so study what print modeling is before you get infront of the camera,--

Don't waste time shooting what won't help you.

It is better to focus on creating the photos you NEED for commercial print modeling and they are very basic and not as complicated and don't need massive production to produce, good lighting, good energy, simple styling, natural makeup and your there!

It might sound boring but it is what you need. Less makeup, less styling, simple. I would use only a professional printing service for a comp card. You could also go to a print shop at prints headshots, but only go to a place or use a service that prints professional comp cards and has experience doing so. no Kinkos, no Sears, no Walmart, use or something similar on the web if there is not a physical professional headshot and comp card printing service/store near you.

Google: headshot printing + your city.
comp card printing + your city.

Typically a headshot printing service will also print comp cards.

I think if you can walk into a printing service for headshots they will often also print comp cards, and it is best if it is possible to meet face to face with the pritning representive because you want to make sure the color looks nice, see a proof in person before you approve. If you do use an online printing service, make sure you ALWAYS see a proof mailed to you in the postal mail in person, colors can look different when printed.

For a comp card is it is best to start with 50-100. Paying $100 for 100 cards is normal, sometimes more is common. Cards range from $1-$2 per card.


P.s: you could consider creating two portfolio books, one for anything you want in side, and then one for serious print modeling-- to use it for agencies, castings, and to get opportunities as a shorter model.

For more tips on modeling, agencies, making comp cards, and self promotion as a shorter model, tune in to my podcast radio show Model Talk Radio here:

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