Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Don't over mail the modeling agency the same old thing

A girl recently commented on this blog: I noticed you said that you often times resent your comp cards to the same companies- did you ever have any of those places contact you to tell you to stop? If so what did you do?

My reply:
Hi hun, well I have mailed agencies more than once my compcard, and when I did I typically re-sent every 6-8 months. It helps if when re-sending you have something new to show them or an accomplishment. Such as a job you gained through self promotion at a local hair salon or boutique or aspiring designer you met a tradeshow modeling jewelry or a handbag or something that proves you can model a product. An agency likes to see that you are capable, experienced and able, and professional, so when re-sending always re-send with an update, not the same card and story. If a place was to tel me not to submit so much I would stop. I would look for other options. Or approach them when you have a new card and some experience to share.

In print modeling typically agencies want you to have experience, unlike fashion where they mold your career, having some experience, even something small like a local modeling job with a hair salon or aspiring designer, or boutique or fashion student could appeal to an agency because it let's them know you are serious, you know how to model, you are trying and striving, ~isobella

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