Thursday, June 3, 2010

Beauty stuff that caught my eye

A girl on facebook sent me this article from the Village Voice that asks, Is is woman too hot to be a banker? The article inspired me to write her back this:
The world is nuts about looks and it is toooooo crazy, people have forgotten the soul of another and it is possible to be pretty and smart, and it bothers me. I will never be just a pretty face, heck no, I have a lot more to give and offer, and I wish more women and men would notice the value in a person's worth as a human being not just their beauty. I wish the media would as well. I have a friend who is a bit older and she gets something different: not being hired because she is not young enough or cute enough, crazy world we live in. Focusing on your inner value and worth is best,~isobella
P.s: I do think the women in the article is wearing a shirt that is too sexy for a banker job, but I totally bet it is for the story and was purposely that low for the story, she prob doesn't wear shirts that low to work, if so, ...mmm umm lady that's a bit too low to be taken seriously.
Check out the article here:

On the NYC subway I do not wear extra short skirts, or I take a cab if I am wearing a dress or not with my man. I do notice the eyes of men look at me and other women who wear skirts, dresses and checking out our legs, toes and it is freaking upsetting. I have walked off trains pissed and upset and my day ruined over some gawks! Usually I just take a deep breath and end up rolling my eyes at myself and the jerks who stare but I do make an effort not to wear something overly sexy on the train, because it is going to happen, the train, come on, it is the worst!

Ok now some beauty things I am using and liking, let's start with this long lasting eye liner with built-in sharpener, also it is soft and says put:
More pics here.

This week I gave myself a lovely face mask, The Body Shop had a 3 for 30 special!

This brown nail polish saved my shoe! What I mean is I busted the heel of my shoe, scrapped it bad and to fix the damange caused by these city streets, I just dabbed some nail polish over the scrap, and perfect! At least until I get to the cobbler. I have nail polish in black, red, brown, and many others for my shoes! Also I got this awesome book for $5.99 at Borders, called An Eye for Beauty, featuring Bo Derek, it is still in it's wrapped plastic, I will surprise my man with it tonight! :)

Instead of telling my friends they look good all the time, I try to tell them they are good people. I find that when you notice the beauty within yourself, your inner person, and get back to the real meaning of what beauty is, -the heart and soul, the give and do, and give some respect to your mind, ability, and potential,-- you glow, your face actually glows, your eyes, your skin, all come alive when your beauty inside is appreciated your really beauty is seen. I am sick of the material, there is a beauty product for every thing, I mean, of course I love trying new products and shoes, and makeup but they do not run my life, I am more than the handbag I carry and more than the lipstick I put on, and more than the beautiful way my mascara wand curls my lashes, the word pretty does not run my life or how I feel about myself. To feel good I ask myself what did you accomplish today, who did you help, and did you show your love, I am a human being, a person and that is what I want you to see, ~isobella jade

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