Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wake up call advice for shorter models and agencies

A girl on Facebook reached out asking about a talent agency that wanted to meet with her, she asked if the agency was legit?

I told her to google the agency name + the word scam. I had done it and knew she'd see it was one.

The situation goes like this, you submit your photo through the website or email, you get a phone call:

"Hello ___ we received your photo and think you have potential we'd like to set a photo shoot up with you to work with our agency."

The best thing to do is to hang up!!

I’d like to save you hundreds of dollars and stress and tears. This is insight into what I told her about what modeling means when you are shorter.

It means research. Aim to research more about commercial print modeling and yuo will find it is about how much YOU put into your pursuits. There are MANY more scams out there today, more than ever, and the situation pitch on the other end of the phone that you are what they are looking for, could become a scam and a chunk of money out of your pocket. Here is the low-down.
Print modeling agencies and talent agencies,-legit ones, do not have time to produce a photo shoot for you. They just don't. They are busy booking their models. And if you want to work with a print modeling agency and you are shorter, not fashion height, then you need to be in the know of the photos you need, the marketing material you need to create.

Research the agency always ahead of time. ALWAYS. Especially these days.

I think it is better for aspiring models to do research on “what modeling is for a shorter girl and how it works” and know the type of photos THEY NEED to work with legit agencies BEFORE they fall for scams. ....the best thing to do is manage your photography. The more you understand what pritn modeling is the better you can shape and target your photos to that area of modeling and the agencies that book print models. Strive to work with a professional photographer, when you do, it is best to know the photos you need, and become an expert on what it means to model when you are shorter, and bring your assets forward in your photos. Explain to the photographer, WHAT YOU are looking to get out of the shoot. Invest in yourself, no TFP with amatuers, focus on getting quality and ONLY. Feeling like a model and working as one are totally different.

An aspiring model needs a comp card ,it is a must, a talent agency or print modeling agency that charges you for comp cards and photo shoots is something to careful of actually….most print agencies work non-exclusive with their models, -they do not shape or mold their careers or teach them how to model, legit agencies work with models of all sizes but are too busy booking the models to teach the girls how to model,--they agency expects you to know how to model, and have a comp card and be prepared. Again print agencies do not craft or shape an aspiring models pursuits, and photography.

They might give you tips, suggest a photographer, but a legit agency WILL not charge you for photos or to work with them. To get a print agency to work with you, it is the other way around, it is best to first know the photography you need, get hire a professional photographer to photograph you and get your photo needs. Make your own comp card and submit the comp card to agencies. Today it is about discovering yourself and putting the work in and time, and investing in yourself. You need professionalism, great photos, that represent you as you but you don’t have to go broke or get ripped off in the process. Do the work, find a professional photographer. Then mail, mail, mail, hustle the photos to print agencies, cross your fingers and strive :)


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