Friday, May 28, 2010

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I would love to model his shoes!

I love Roberto Cavalli and the nature elements within his collections. On the 40th anniversary of his label, Roberto Cavalli reveals to Harper’s Bazaar insight on his love for fashion and where his inspiration comes from, I thought it might be something you'd find intriguing:

On fall’s low-key tailoring: “Minimalism is so boring.”

On other designers taking inspiration from his trademark ideas: “In the beginning, when people copied me I was happy.” But now, “I can understand when H&M or Zara copies me, but I hate it when big designers copy me. You have a big name, you should never copy me.”

On the provenance of his trademark leopard print: “God created such a fantastic world. Leopard is an animal design, and my designs come from nature.”

On his love for fashion, and for women: “Of course I think about a beautiful woman to dress, because that’s my way,” he says with a shrug. Is there a difference? “Yes,” he says. “I don’t masturbate thinking about fashion.”

On what he loves about women: “Their eyes. A woman can drive me crazy with her eyes. And when they don’t pay attention to me, they drive me crazy too.” “I am a completely typical man.”

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Other things that caught my eye:

Check out CURVENY New York August 1,2,3, 2010. Models of all sizes work this show.

This book looks interesting, Carol Dyhouse surveys the world of glamour from early Hollywood right up to present day.

If you have an iPhone check out, a newly-launched health and beauty online source, and their app! Search in the app store: Beauty Calls.

Kett Cosmetics HD Makeup Studio
New York, NY, Monday, June 7th: Basic Airbrush Seminar Level 1
Tuesday, June 8th: Advanced Airbrush Seminar Level 2
For more info click here.

Feel like giving to a good cause by doing some shopping? Of course you do! Check out Housing Works Open Air Street Fair! You can help show New York how one block can make a big difference. Saturday, June 5 at 10:00am.
Shop Crosby Street between Prince and Houston for books, records, and CDs all just $20 all-you-can stuff bags of clothing and accessories from the Housing Works Warehouse. Crosby Street (between Houston and Prince) Let me know what you find!


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