Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Should you quit modeling? A question answered

A girl on Facebook who works as a model asked me where is the line between DELUSION and PERSISTENCE in Modeling and when does one know when to throw in the towel!?

This was my reply:

I think if your pursuit is still something that excites you, then you should always pursue it, if you start to get too negative to won't get you anywhere. Pursuing anything with an artistic or unstable lifestyle is a major challenge, and I think it is important to have other interests beyond the one constant hustle within a pursuit that is very emotionally draining at times and not stable. For ex: I am a model, but also a writer and I went to college and have an Advertising degree. I am not one to say a person shouldn’t give up. Should not try. Should not continuing to try, and for modeling if the striving model is realistic she will see that models work of all ages, however if she is trying to be something that is unrealistic, like be a fashion model when she is 35 and 5 feet tall, then she needs a wakeup call. But models model of are all ages and sizes model lifestyle products these days, and the marketing and advertising world calls for all types of people to model products in ads and commercials. Just watch commercials the next time you watch TV, look in ads in lifestyle, travel ,tech, business, women’s lifestyle mags, parent mags, you will see models are not just looking one way.
So if the person is “really working at it” and “is enjoying it” then they should continue. If it is becoming a negative thing on their life then no, give it s break, re-think their goals, and re-charge if that is the direction they want to continue to pursue. If a person is only modeling for the inner gratitude of esteem that is not enough reason to model, if the person knows and feels and has experienced being a good model, then they should carry on, there are some off months, even years but that doesn’t mean stop unless the person really is down and out about it. In modeling, a person has to be confident, and I don’t mean ego-driven, I mean full of energy and a positive spirit, because rejection, over and over and over is the life, and if a person lets the rejection define them then they should consider a different pursuit. Again, I am not one to say “Don’t try something” because I belief in the inner will, the inner belief and the work ethic that can bring results. In modeling for a shorter girl and in the print modeling side of the word model, often the jobs are not consistent. A girl may be working with great print modeling agencies but that doesn't mean the phone will ring every five minutes. It is a major self investment and involves a lot of self promotion, a self marketing mindset, to build a career out of ones self. Agencies in print modeling do not invest in models like fashion modeling, and girls are not signed exclusively in print modeling and often work with more than one agency non-exclusively, and the agencies are more of a friendly booking service. If a model is less experienced she might be turned off to modeling since the print agencies are often not attentive to a girl's ambition and until she has experience and is considered "an experienced model" the agency might only call you once in awhile for certain castings or bookings.

Agencies can make more money with more experienced models.

Also keep in mind in print modeling: The model has to be more-hands on with her own ambitions, create photos, portfolio, etc, and she really becomes her own manager often. Working with agencies but not getting the full fledged attention she might seek. I am being honest because it is a misconception that agencies do everything for models, and in print it is a different thing. This is not to sway you from your pursuits. Just know the realities.

A shorter girl can find opportunities in modeling, however it is very difficult to have consistent weekly, daily work, and have modeling become her only income, and therefore for many girls modeling becomes a serious part time pursuit, but still being available is defiantly important when it comes to booking work!

Should you quit modeling? It depends on your living situation, your passion, your self investment, your income source, and your seriousness because modeling consistently involves a self marketing mindset.


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