Friday, May 28, 2010

Short models can find their entrance to an agency

There are many more tips on this blog on finding an agency, however here are 4 that I hope you consider when it comes to marketing yourself as a model and approaching agencies and working with them. There are many wonderful agencies out there that work with models of all sizes, just keep in mind these tips.

Tip 1: If you are a shorter model, an agency that works with models of ALL ages and sizes is best to pursue. They are out there. Google, research, no complaining that there are not an agencies for shorter girls because it is not called short girl modeling it is called print modeling.

Tip 2: Follow the submission instructions on the agencies website, it is typically MORE professional to mail a comp card and be prepared with a comp card and portfolio, show you are ready to work, confident and a good model ahead of time and you chances are better to get a call. Tips on why you need a comp card to approach print agencies is here.

Tip 3: Notice the photos on the agencies website the models they work with. If you do not see a model smiling and models of all sizes, it could be just a fashion agency which has a height requirement, modeling agencies that work with all sizes and ages for commercial print modeling will be showing on their website models smiling, models of all types, models of all sizes and ages. Again, because many girls contact me thinking there are no print agencies out there for them, look for modeling agencies that show girls "smiling" on the website, this is a sign of a print agency. A fashion agency typically shows more serious expression looking models.

Tip 4: If you can take it upon yourself to create your photos and professional model marketing tools you will be less likely to get scammed.

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