Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Petite of the Week is Shante!


The Petite of the Week is Shante from Atlanta, GA. I previous featured some print modeling agencies in Atlanta and recently received her submission. Shante shared with me her thoughts on being a petite model:

Beauty and fashion today have so many elements besides being restricted to one form or genre. The world is changing and beauty is not just defined by the standards in the past. I continue to pursue petite modeling because although the world sets standards on what they think beauty is, I refuse to allow anyone to tell me that I can't do or be something based on their opinion. Yes there are rules to the this modeling game and industry but true leaders make their own rules not disrespecting the rules at hand but choosing not to conform to them. In my life the only "yes" and "no" that I adhere to is God and if He gives me the ok I have allt he right as the next one. ~Shante

I agree, your own belief in yourself is what will propell you forward, don't let anyone stand in your way. In modeling many will be ready to reject you, of course, this is a business of image, it happens, we all get rejected, and this is an industry of being what "they are looking for today," some days are tougher than others, but hold close what you want, stay focused and strive on,

P.s: If you would like to be Petite of the Week, submit to me at your headshot and how you are making strides in modeling and your mindset, despite being petite :)

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