Saturday, May 1, 2010

No Woman, No Cry, giraffes, bansky, Kentucky Derby

I faught a giraffe today, and then made up, on West Broadway. If you read my books you'll know it's just a nick name I give taller girls, no harm, but I had some fun with it today! Working on 2 other book projects, I hope your weekend is going well, enjoy it, capture each minute :)

Christy Turlington Burns is a smart lady and I admire her mission of human rights for pregnant woman and woman giving birth all around the world, she created a film called No Woman No Cry, I enjoyed it at the Tribeca Film Festival today. Yes I actually handed her my memoir Almsot 5'4" afterward! (in her flip-flops she was prob, maybe, about a foot taller than me, and very beautiful). Go to her site:

Then had a very yummy brunch at Macondo and then see Exit Through the Gift Shop, a banksy film. I think Bansky took to content from all the video work of Thierry Guetta over the years and Bansky turned it into the film I watched. I liked it, interesting perspective on creating street art. :)

Then walked through SoHo.

Then I saw the giraffe and there is Round 1 of fighting the giraffe. In my memoir ALMOST 5'4" I give the nick-name Giraffes to the tall models. No harm meant, just a nick-name. :)

Congrats to Super Saver's Todd Pletcher & jockey Calvin Borel's Kentucky Derby win today! I am going to see them at Belmont June 5th~yay!! Wow, the horse Icebox had to pass 18 horses to get second. And he did. Amazing.

Today I walked from West 12th and 2nd to Battery Park. Just made some Macaroni salad, I am tired as heck! :)

Enjoy every minute of the sun today, catch it, capture it while you can,

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