Monday, May 10, 2010

Modeling advice for the short models out there

:) I am glad you enjoy my blog :) instead of focusing on my height and size, I focused/and still focus on what I have that can be marketable beyond height for print ads, catalogs, and modeling products. It doesn't take height to model a handbag well, jewelry, and for beauty editorials and there are many products and brands out there who work with models of all types, so work your personality, apply smiles, energy to your shots, notice ads and editorials and commercials for all types, and target lifestyle modeling and commercial print modeling, height isn't everything, market what you have in the right ways. There will not be many "petite" modeling agencies but print modeling agencies, non-fashion agencies that work with models for ad campaigns and print ads for lifestyle products would be more open to all sizes. Strive on! :)

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