Monday, May 24, 2010

Mac and Modeling

I love when I do an interview and it entwines a lot of elments. Of course we talked Apple, but here, with, I discuss also the modeling. Here are some questions I was asked and my replies

Q. When starting off, did you ever think modelling was a non starter?

I think we grow from the things we observe. At first trying to be a model was about my ego, it wasn’t about what it really takes to be one. After many mistakes shooting in front of the wrong lens too many times, I realised modeling is about modeling "for something" -not just being cute. I started noticing ads, and learned the difference between an amateur photo and one that will help you market yourself as a real model. Through trial and error I focused on improving my photos, and whole perspective, to make modeling about marketing my assets. At first glance, the word model appeared to be only about the tall, but the more I focused on what I had that products, brands, and magazines could use, I saw that a model is not measured in being just one type of look.

Q. Why do fashion designers, advertisers seek tall women when they are not typical of the average woman?

I think it is a huge mistake. I think the designers and advertisers don’t feel comfortable trusting that women can handle seeing: real. I think there is an obsession over thinking that women want the fantasy. I think women would still buy the product if someone closer to their height was modeling the clothing. Maybe they’d buy more. Fashion is an illusion, that isn’t meant to make women feel good about themselves necessarily. Seeing a tall women, is like seeing something foreign or exotic and it is the opposite of what most women in the world are, and really if the designers started making sample sizes the size of what real women are, I don’t think it would hurt the brand. But brands, designers, advertisers fear the chance that it will. They figure that desire is found in seeing something flawless, instead of embracing the fact that we all have flaws, and no one is honestly perfect without the airbrush.

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