Monday, May 17, 2010

how to start modeling as a short model

Daily girls ask me about "how to start modeling" and it is often followed with a "I feel like I am too short!"

Well, the best way to START anything is to learn as much as you can about it. Learn where you fit within the pursuit, become realistic about the pursuit and to craft your own career by taking a chance on yourself.

The more you research and know the better. The more you know about what you CAN do, where opportunity can be found the better. The more time you waste worrying about what you aren't --basically time is wasted.

The best thing to have to start modeling is a beautiful smiling headshot.
Among all other photos THIS ONE is the most important.

The reason: A shorter girl is more likely to work with a commercial print modeling agency. And for commercial print modeling a smile is better than any pout, or overly done makeup or styling or hair, the natural you is what sells in print modeling. Advertising is becoming more about hiring models that look real, and have a relatable look to the customer, consumer, reader, buyer.

The more you KNOW about the photos you need to approach a print modeling agency the better your chance. Getting an opportunity to work with an agency, (have an agency work with you), involves not just having your photo taken or making a comp card to send, but it involves creating marketable photos, so that your comp card is marketable. The agency receives your comp card in the mail and the agency says "this girl has something going on, she is real, she looks like a girl who could model anything, and has a lot of personality seen in her photos."

The comp card is your best marketing tool. Today I was asked on a Facebook message from an aspiring model: What is a comp card.

It is the best marketing tool for an aspiring model.

We live in this Internet-age, but the comp card is no excuse needed item by an aspiring model. You use it to get the agency, to get the job and to work as a model. No questions. You need it. Here is insight on creating a comp card and being more in the know about what print modeling is, and how to become a print model:

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