Monday, May 3, 2010

Casting Confessions: SMILE, SMILE BIGGER

I can hear the girl ahead of me being asked to smile, smile bigger, smile more, you are having a great day, smile like you are loving the day, the casting director is shooting the girls and is putting in sometimes more energy than they are.

Other girls waiting stare at the girl on set ahead of them, observing them to see what that girl is doing so that it's their turn they can do it better.

Like an infection, once one girl starts doing her makeup, looking at herself in the mirror on the wall, other girls start. Dominos. The rattle of purses, the dabs of foundation, the smack of the lips, and the suction of mascara wands going in and out of the tube, the hairspray and clicking of all the heels, could make you gag.

I talk often about if you are an aspiring model and the assets you need. Here's one. Knowing how to smile naturally is important if you want to work as a model especially for commercial print, giving a natural real smile not forced and alive, with life in your eyes is something any aspiring model needs :)

When it's my turn I greet the casting director with a smile, and by then she has shot 36 other girls. I put my bag and coat down and prepare to smile. I do. She asks me to take off my hat. I hate it when I wear a certain cute newsboy hat on purpose to fit the look of the casting's vibe, and then I am asked to take it off and there isn't time to brush my hair properly. I looked like a raggamuffin, wtf! SMILE!

I smile again for her a bit bigger, she asked for one with no smile. I try not to smile, but I have been so focused on smiling that it is tough now to just not. She asks me to grab my bag, I do. She asks if I have a cell phone I do. I pretend I am talking to my best friends and smile and laugh, I can even hear myself laughing a little because when I "really laugh" my smile comes out more real. She says "ok, that's it ," and I leave.

I try not to dwell on castings, honestly it will kill you if you do. Just move on. Carry on, hustle on. Next!


Anonymous said...

thank you for posting this! you're so right. you just gotta keep hustling, keep going!! you're such an inspiration!

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