Monday, May 10, 2010

Being built from scratch

I think often about the importance of trying, in not just modeling but in doing anything that is not easy.

Wanting something means striving for something.

It can be built from scratch. I do believe this. But it will involve a lot of scratching your own confidence, a lot of research, time, self investment, and a realistically ambitious mindset, I hold onto the bigger picture, the bigger reason I want to do something, the purpose, and what it means, why...asking yourself WHY can help you stay focused.

Also ask yourself if you are willing to seek and strive even though you might not get it all handed to you and even though it will not be easy.

No beauty, no perfection can promise success.

The work you put in, the time, the focus. That is how to survive on a dream.

Possibility inspires me.

A challenge fires me up, the fact that it is not easy, and that someone might doubt me gives me is not enough reason not to try.


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