Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wondering if you have model potential? It starts with you believing you do

A girl on Facebook recently sent me a message asking if she had model potential. My reply might inspire you:

Well, I think YOU have to believe in your potential (in modeling and in anything you pursue in life). You have to see something in YOURSELF. No one will make what you want to happen happen but if you believe in yourself, and notice your assets and how they can translate into modeling for products and you strive to get the right photography, the right agencies and people working with you, then anyone CAN find opportunities in modeling. I believe that no matter your height, or where you live, if you are realistically ambitious you can find opportunities. It is the fantasy of being discovered, having it all handed to you, that can harm a chance. I think finding opportunities comes down to your own work ethic, the time you invest into your pursuits, and it is hard for me to answer this because if you believe you can...and have the will to try, then you should :)

No one told me I could model, I put it on myself and said, “I want to do this”, “I want to try this”, I will find a way, make it happen, start from scratch, work for it, strive, keep trying, try again, and again, and perfect my photos, make a better comp card, submit to the agencies again. And also market myself to work with professionals, and those who are as ambitious as me. I think working as a model takes a marketing mindset, passion, and focus, and mostly confidence and a positive attitude…height isn’t everything,…but it comes down to knowing how to market what you do have and translating that into how you could model for brands, products, companies, services, marketing needs.

Aim high girl! Your life, your goals, your pursuits, it is all in your hands,


P.s: Until Sunday the 11th you can submit to win a copy of my graphic novel Model Life by submitting to me a photo of yourself modeling a handbag, yes you can take the photo yourself as well. Include a smile, show some personality, show you can model handbags well. 2 winners will be featured on my blog early next week! :)

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